Help the Environment Using Eco-Friendly Fashion Accessories

The fashion industry is slowly changing to become more eco-friendly in a bid to combat the waste from the sheer volume of clothes we consume and throw out in a single year. Whilst it’s now not uncommon for brands to use fair trade and organic materials, there has also recently been a breakthrough in completely eco-friendly brands, using materials which are kinder to the environment.

As well as making conscious choices to change our purchasing habits and instead buy clothes from these eco-friendly retailers and brands, we can each also do our own bit by opting for eco-friendly fashion accessories, to finish the look off in an environmentally helpful way. This can be done by either sourcing accessories from an environmentally friendly seller or designer, or by crafting your own designs by repurposing other items to start a whole new fashion trend.

One of the best eco-friendly accessories you should switch up is your handbag. Rather than carrying a small bag, it’s usually always practical to buy a bigger bag and have it less full rather than buy multiple medium and small bags for different use. Aside from this, it’s beneficial to look for a bag in a durable material which can sustain life’s wear and tear, again reducing the need for over-buying bags.

Alternatively, you could consider making your own handbag from old unused material such as durable denim. Repurposing an old frayed pair of jeans into a handbag takes little more than a bit of handiwork with a pair of scissors, needle and thread. Of course you can also customise to suit your needs, adding fasteners, prints, embellishment and more to suit your tastes. This therefor reduces waste and gives you a practical handy bag made from a durable material known for its lasting capabilities.

Of course one of the first things you think of when it comes to accessories to finish off an outfit is jewellery. Whether real gold or costume, it’s not difficult to find eco-friendly jewellery if you know the right places to look. When it comes to gold or precious metals, you’ll want to make sure it’s not mined in the traditional way, which is both harmful for the environment and those working in the mines. Instead use one of the 57 gold retailers around the globe who have signed an agreement to support cleaner mining. These include Boscov, QVC, Walmart, JC Penney and many more.

coffee-bean-bracelet-with-tagua-nutIn addition, look for jewellery retailers who can offer low priced accessories in metal, wood and other easily recyclable materials. Although an alternative to this would be to fashion your own jewellery from recycling materials. A bit more advanced than making macaroni necklaces, this activity isn’t for kids. One way to create quirky jewellery yourself would be to reuse buttons from an old shirt. These can easily be turned into earrings or rings, with the aid of a few bits of metal. Alternatively you could use some things you wouldn’t otherwise consider upcycling and turn them into an artsy piece to wear. For instance designer Keren Merkler is known for recycling old bicycle tubes and turning them into unique and fashionable jewellery from earrings to brooches and bracelets.

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  1. I agree that buying eco-friendly fashion accessories gives more benefit to everyone. I really like earrings and buy a lot of eco-friendly ones online.

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