Hectic Schedules: How to Keep a Clear Head #Mucinex

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Flickr Creative Commons – By: The Shifted Librarian

My goal everyday is to just get through it without it turning into a reality TV episode. Some days I feel like that clown; juggling fire while walking on bombs! You just know if you drop one — KABOOM! A hectic day can look a little like this in my life:

6:30 AM – Wake up because the phone rings, of course it’s a wrong number and it’s a day I could have slept in a bit longer too 🙁

7:00 AM – Daughter yells from her room that the only pair of clean socks she has, have a hole in them. Laundry or darn? I dig in my drawers to give her a pair of mine. She groans. I groan.

7:45 AM – A quick breakfast before we head out to the orthodontist. Pour my coffee — spilling the cup. Now I have to change AND mop up the counter and floor.

8:15 AM – Orthodontist appointment — oops need to turn around daughter forgot her retainers.

8:30 AM – Orthodontist appointment..2nd try. Great, their Wi-Fi is down. So much for checking e-mail.

11:00 AM – Art class in homeschool, we use glitter – I know right?! Whose bright idea was that? Now everything is shiny and I have to mop up the floor and counter again.

12:00 PM – Lunch. I WILL CRY if there is spilled milk.

1:00 PM – I need a rocket science degree to figure out this chemistry lesson. I wonder if Bill Nye the Science Guy has a 1-800 number? Umm child, why are you shaking a bottle of baking soda & vinegar in my kitchen? Mopping up the counter & floor. Count it, that’s 3x today.

2:00 PM – I need to build naptime into our homeschool day!

2:30 PM – Better hit the treadmill before I completely ignore any exercise today.

3:00 PM – What’s for supper Mom? Supper! What they expect to be fed again?!

5:30 PM – Clean up the kitchen from all the day’s dishes, thankfully not needing to mop the floor.

6:00 PM – Drop daughter off at church for youth group.

6:30 PM – Run to the grocery store to pick up a few odds & ends.

7:00 PM – Get some blogging done.

8:00 PM – What it’s already 8! Where did the last hour go?! Time to pick up the daughter.

8:30 PM – Plan the next school day out.

9:15 PM – Time to clear the DVR off of the TV shows we’ve taped. I multi-task and do social media/Facebook/Twitter

10:00 PM – Say Goodnight!

Sound familiar? Does a hectic schedule like that leave you with a laundry list of side effects? “Irritability, sinus pressure and headaches.” Phew, me too!

Those are the times you’re not sure whether you should laugh or cry – or maybe both, at the same time.

Okay so we all have them – days where we literally feel like our heads will explode — but there are ways to keep clear headed in these moments and here are mine:

1) Put on some music and sing as loud as you want – it’s amazing how much stress you can relieve this way. Use the wooden spoon as a microphone and move your feet, don’t worry if you’re off the beat. You’ll feel much better after a song or two, and you can proceed with your day.

2) Laugh by finding something funny – have your kids tell you some jokes. Find some funny cat pictures on the internet. Dig in the recycling for the Sunday funnies or download a ‘Joke of the Day’ app. Look back over the morning/afternoon/evening and find something to smile, grin or laugh about that will push you on through the rest of the day, or remind you that it wasn’t all just hustle and bustle.

3) Don’t check statuses – or is that stati? Yes, this is a don’t to keep a do. Some of you may be able to take a quick peek at Facebook and then shut it down, but I suspect I am not the only one who gets sucked into the drama that can be Facebook when checking what my friends and family are up to. If I’m to keep a clear head and stick to my schedule — I can’t be checking Facebook, or I’ll be there for longer than I should be and clouding my head with things better left until my tasks are done.

Balancing a hectic schedule is hard enough. Trying to keep it together when you’re under the weather requires additional help. Maximum Strength* Mucinex® Sinus-Max™ Pressure & Pain’s triple action formula fights mucus, congestion, sinus pressure and headache/pain. With cold and flu season in full force, I am relieved to know that even my worst symptoms can’t derail my plans.

* Per 4-hour dose

What do you do to keep a clear head in the course of a busy day? Let me know how YOU “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mucinex®. The opinions and text are all mine.