Have You Ever Heard the Term ‘Garburator’? – Fuller Brush Co. Give Away

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There are certain things I’ve always taken for granted.  Like not throwing food scraps in the trash.  Okay that may sound like a funny statement, but I’ve always lived in a home that has had a built in garbage disposal unit in the kitchen sink.  Even when I was younger I remember my mom always making sure that we didn’t stick forks, spoons or fingers into the sink when the switch was turned “on”.

Then of course there are the many strange looks I’ve received when I mention using my “Garburator”.  I ‘think’ (no one quote me on this) it was a brand name of a popular garbage disposal system sold in Canada (where I grew up) at one time, and everyone there (or at least everyone I knew) called them garburators. 

But whether you say garbage disposal or I say garburator – the fact is …. When you have food trapped in it that hasn’t gotten flushed out…it can STINK.  Ewww…

To combat that up till now I’ve used two methods, Cuties and these little lemon bead type things.

Cutie rinds are great for this.  But we really only eat them from December to February, and then we’ve either had so many we can’t quite stand to look at them anymore or the seasonal pickings in our neck of the woods for them aren’t that great.

The rest of the year I’ve resorted to the beads.  They do work to mask the icky scent, but they don’t last long (a few days) and they don’t clean the garbage disposer.

Fuller Brush Company (a Facebook follower of mine mentioned that Fuller Brush Co. was her first business venture back in high school!) sent me a canister of their Foaming Disposal Cleaner to try out.

Like the other products of theirs I have tried, it’s simple to use – I like that.

You just remove the black cap on the top, attach the extension tube


spray it down the garburator garbage disposal until it hits the rim (when it’s off, otherwise it might look like it’s snowing in your kitchen) and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

Then you take a multipurpose brush and scrub around in the far reaches of garbage disposer space (I imagine I’m giving the Star Wars trio time to escape the trash compactor while doing that)…

And then rinse it all clean.

It’s got a nice citrusy smell to it, not unlike the Cuties or the lemon beads, BUT it also cleans the garbage disposer unit (especially under that rubber flappy part), so assuming I’m not throwing down scraps incessantly the next few days, it keeps it fresher longer than the beads do.

At $6.99 for the canister, it’s comparably priced to the beads for the number of uses and the time in between using the product.  I can’t really compare the price to buying clementines, because we eat those.

You can learn more about the Foaming Disposal Cleaner and other clean and easy products on Fuller.com.


Fuller Brush Co. is going to give one reader, their own can of Foaming Disposal Cleaner to try for themselves.

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