Haircut Tips When Traveling Around the World

Traveling around the world is such an interesting adventure, interacting with new cultures and meeting new people. One of the last things most men do before traveling abroad is getting one last hair cut from their trusted barber. Unfortunately, your hair will not wait for you to get back home to grow and sooner or later, you will have to get a haircut while on the road. The has a great selection of cuts to choose from.

You can start feeling shaggy as soon as two weeks after your last haircut and you will need a great local barber to do the trim. Getting a haircut in a different country is often a challenge when there is a language barrier, differences in hair textures and hair cutting techniques. It may be difficult to find an English-speaking barber and giving instruction on what you want becomes extremely difficult. The following are some tips for getting haircuts in distant and exotic places:

  • Always show a picture of you or what you want to look like when you can’t describe the haircut to the barber in their language. If you want to avoid a bad haircut, it helps to show exactly what you look like. This is a great solution to communication barriers.
  • Massages in some countries such as India come with interesting massages. In India, the unique way of giving our massage will leave you entertained as well as extremely relaxed.


  • In France, it is always advisable to go to unisex hairstyle boutiques instead of barbers. They do a much better job. Because a lot of people go to these unisex boutiques the number of traditional barbershops is quite low.
  • In most third world countries, extra services like shaves and massages are not charged extra like in first world countries. Therefore, you can opt for an extra service. However, it would be nice to tip the barber if they do a good job while at it.
  • Hair vocabulary varies depending on which part of the world you are in. in UK, short means no visible hair at all while in the US it simply means a trim. Therefore before you sit down for a trim, you should find out what they barber means by the terms they use.
  • You can find the best local barbers from the sellers around your hotel. Most of the hotel staff will either direct you to a really expensive high-end barber shop where their direct the hotel guests. Some of them also commute from far to come to work and can’t help you much. You can find out the best local barber shops around from the newspaper salesman around the corner.
  • Hair cuts are cheaper in third-word countries. For less than $20, you can get a great haircut leaving you looking like Donald Draper or James bond. In addition, you will get a load of freebies like massages and soft drinks among other things.

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    1. I agree. When I had short hair I had one haircut I loved, and when we moved I made sure that I brought photos of so that I could get ‘hopefully’ a cut very close to what I had.

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