Guest Room On My Post-it List

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We’re thinking about moving and I’ve written down all the ideas that I want in a home on a big Post-it note.  I know most of what I want, but the main thing I HAVE to have in another home is an extra room that we can make a guest room.

Right now when family and friends come to visit, our daughter has to give up her bedroom and sleep on the floor in our office because we don’t have an extra room for guests.  If we move that will have to change.  She’s getting older and isn’t ‘conned’ anymore into thinking that sleeping on the floor of the office in a sleeping bag is fun.

We thought about putting our family up in a hotel or vacation homes, but realize that’s a bit unaffordable if they come for more than a few days (which likely they will).

Fortunately for us, the area that we’re looking at has some good deals on real estate.  Probably not so good for the sellers but for us as buyers…we can probably get most of what we want in the price range we’re looking for.

Do you all have a guest room for family and friends when they stay for a visit?  Or do you all squish in where ever you can?

2 thoughts on “Guest Room On My Post-it List

  1. I have 2 guest rooms and am thankful for that space — I love it when my family come to visit — and most times (smile) hate to see them leave!!

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