GrooveBook App Review – Your Phone Pictures Printed – Try it Free!

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One of the best things about having a smart phone is also having a camera with you at all times. I bit the bullet and got an iPhone 4S around Thanksgiving last year, and I’ve taken so many more impromptu pictures then I ever had, just because I can. You never know what kind of moment you can capture in time, and now I can because I always have a camera on me. The thing is, all these pictures I’ve taken…they just sort of ‘stay’ in my phone. I mean sure I upload them to Instagram or Facebook, but it’s not like I sit and bring up those sites to just look through my photos. So unless I take the time to cord my phone to my computer and then use a photo service to print them, they just ‘sit’ there.

I was recently introduced to a wonderful app though that makes the transition from phone pictures to paper pictures easy and affordable. It’s called GrooveBook.

The app is free to download (and is available for both iPhone and Android), and for just $2.99 a month (which covers the cost of shipping and processing), you can get up to 100 of your phone photos in physical form, all bound together in a book, delivered right to your front door.

While it requires a bit of time (about 30 minutes or so), it is easy to do. When you download the app to make a book, you’ll create an account where you’ll provide your shipping information and input a credit card. You give the app permissions to access your pictures, you choose your 100 photos (you can use multiples of the same ones if you don’t have 100 to use) and then upload them. This took about 20 minutes for me on a Wi-Fi connection.


10 days later this arrived in my mailbox.

Each picture is printed on quality, glossy paper, is date and time stamped at the top edge of when it was taken, and is perforated so that you can remove it from the book to frame it or give it away.

Each month on the same day you originally uploaded, you’ll provide another 40 – 100 photos through your GrooveBook app to make another book for $2.99. This book will take a little longer to come to your home (about 2 weeks). The first book requires the 100 photos (but as mentioned earlier can be duplicates), but the subsequent books can be made with as few as 40 photos. You don’t have to send them to yourself either, you can have the books shipped to another address, so you can send them to relatives like grandparents and siblings.

Perhaps after a time you want to halt the GrooveBook service, because you are switching phones, service, or aren’t just taking pictures you want paper copies of.  Whatever your reason, it’s easy to cancel. Before your next upload date, just send an e-mail to letting them know you’d like to cancel, and they’ll take care of it for you. Just to show how easy it was (although I really like the service and will be resubscribing the next time I’m attending an event like a wedding or we go on vacation) – I went ahead and canceled my account that way. I sent an e-mail to them and in 48 hours they confirmed with a written reply that my account had been canceled.

GrooveBook is a great way to have tangible photos of the pictures you’re taking with your smart phone. You can try your first GrooveBook absolutely free! Enter this code when setting up your account in the code box “3DIFFERENTGROOVE”, and you won’t be charged the first month’s $2.99 fee.

What do you do with all the pictures hanging out on your smart phone?

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

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