Girl Gourmet Chill Treats Dessert Maker – After School Treats Made Fun

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Really, what could be better than coming home from school with your friend and setting up your own chilled treat shop?  If the girls in your life enjoy crafts and experiments then they’ll have a great time using the Girl Gourmet Chill Treats Dessert Maker.  There are many ways to eat a treat, but this one is fun to make too!

First you need to put it together.  Relatively simple to do, younger girls may need some help, but the older girls were able to do it all on their own .

Following the instructions included, mix up the treats using the utensils provided.

Really the product is supposed to be chilled (hence the Chill in the product name), but you don’t have to prepare and eat it that way.  The girls were running short on time when they did this, so theirs weren’t chilled as much as they could have been.  It won’t affect the taste, but it’s easier to make it look more like a ‘shop’ treat if it’s chilled.

Place the chilled (or warm as it may be) mixture in the treat maker and press down on the plunger.

The most fun part of the activity is taking the included garnishes to make the treat even more enjoyable.  The end-result tasted similar to a yogurt.

Surprisingly the Girl Gourmet Chill Treats Dessert Maker wasn’t difficult to clean up when the girls were done with it.  The parts that came in contact with the treat mix, were easily washed with soap and water, there aren’t a lot of nooks and crannies to get into.  However it will take up some room to store when you aren’t using it.  The one thing I really appreciate is while you can buy refills, you don’t have to.  Regular yogurt or other foods of that consistency will work with the Girl Gourmet Chill Treats Dessert Maker also.

You can purchase the Girl Gourmet Chill Treats Dessert Maker at


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