Ginger Millermon and Her New CD Rescued

TITLE: Rescued
PRODUCER: Paul Marino
STREET: June 29, 2010
DISTRIBUTOR: Integra Interactive

I have been listening to Ginger Millermon’s new CD ‘Rescued’ since I received it last week.  She is a great singer. 

More importantly her friend Gina (who also happens to be her publicist!), mentions that Ginger is dead serious about ministry.   

Ginger just wants to tell people about the goodness of God.  The Millermon family lives life with an upbeat attitude, regardless of their circumstances.  That stems back many years ago to when their twin son Jarrot was on life support and Ginger and her husband were advised that Jarrot should be taken off of it.  They decided against it.  The doctors warned that Jarrot would suffer from cerebral palsy or worse, and though he went through numerous touch-and-go emergencies, Jarrot is now a healthy and active teenager.  The Millermon’s adamant pro-life stance for their son in what the doctors described as certain death has endeared Ginger to women’s conferences and pro-life organizations around the world. 

Her new CD is appropriately titled ‘Rescued’, which has praise & worship songs as well as songs that are honest and forthright.  And her lyrics are genuine as this author and musician shares personal stories from her life with them. 

One of them, ‘God’s Mercy’ chronicles Ginger’s life from when Christ became personal to her as a child, through the battles that her son faced, through to the day she was able to embrace the daughter they were led to adopt in India. 

I think out of all the songs on the CD that one is my favorite, the words to it are just wonderful. 

If you think you may have heard Ginger before it’s quite possible you have, three songs from her CD ‘Amazed’ were a feature on Beth Moore’s website.

‘Rescued’ is now available for purchase or download on Ginger Millermon’s website.

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