Get the Party Started with Taboo- Give Away

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We have a couple of friends that we look forward to getting together with because they are so much fun to play games with. We’re always playing old favorites or trying out new games when we spend the evening together.

Have you ever played Hasbro’s ‘Taboo’? If you haven’t it’s a blast to play, and if you have, you’ll need to check out the new Taboo that has new content cards, a new buzzer and a new twist which includes the roll of a die to keep things fresh while you play.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game Taboo, it’s all about words you can’t say. You need to get your teammates to guess the word on the card, without using the “Taboo” words and phrases that are listed. So how do you get your team to say ‘pain’ without saying ‘ache’, ‘hurt’, ‘ouch’, ‘window’ or ‘glass’? It’s a lot more difficult than you’d guess!

The new Taboo comes with three decks of card and a handy playing tray that also stores all the pieces in the box when you aren’t using it.

You place a handful of cards in the cardholder, and the opposing team that is not playing at the moment gathers behind the team player that is giving out the clues, so they can see the card, word and phrases that can’t be used.

The opposing team will hit the buzzer if the person who is giving the clues out says one of the ‘buzz words’. What makes this different from the original Taboo is the die that you roll when beginning the turn. From having to choose one guesser, to sitting still or playing by the original Taboo rules – every turn will be different!

This game is geared for adults and retails for $29.99.


One reader will win the all new TABOO game by Hasbro.

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