Game Time and DiGiorno Pizza

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At this time of the year when it comes to sports most everyone is focused on football and football party ideas but if I mentioned the words “skip, rock and broom” in relation to a sport, would you know what I’m talking about?

Okay, if you’re a Canadian you probably do, you may even get it if you grew up or live in the northern U.S..  The rest of you get props if you knew I was talking about Curling.

Pretty much everyone knows I’m not a fan of winter.  I am however a fan of curling which is very much a winter sport.  And it’s with delight that I await the winter world sporting games so I can cheer on BOTH my favorite country curling teams in their quest for a gold medal.  For us it’s just as exciting as the “Big Game” that hits the airwaves the first Sunday in February.

We don’t watch much TV during dinner time because I don’t like eating meals in the living room but I relax a bit when it comes to watching live sports, in which case I will allow pizza to make an appearance.

DiGiorno Four Cheese Pizza #shop

Forget the delivery, because I get a lot of bang for my buck by shopping at Walmart for Nestle DiGiorno Pizza.

Walmart Rollback DiGiorno Pizza #shop

On rollback for just $4.50 right now you can feed a crowd with great #GameTimeGoodies no matter what sport you’re watching at an affordable price.

Walmart DiGiorno Rollback $4.50 #shop

DiGiorno Pizza varieties rollback Walmart #shop

Rising Crusts in favorite varieties like Pepperoni & Four Cheese Pizza please most everyone.

DiGiorno Pepperoni #shop

DiGiorno Pepperoni Pizza #shop

For the more distinguished palates you can pick up the Italian Style Favorites like Chicken Parmesan and Meatball Marinara.

DiGiorno Chicken Parmesan Pizza #shop

DiGiorno Meatball Marinara Pizza #shop

Or combine the flavors of burgers & pizza with a Cheese Stuffed Crust Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza* (*Note this particular flavor is not on rollback but my husband begged for requested it, so I bought it for him )

DiGiorno Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza #shop

So as we eagerly anticipate the 2014 Curling Round Robin sessions beginning on February 10th, we had a pre-winter games party featuring DiGiorno Pizzas.

DiGiorno Olympic Rings Pizza #shop

We cued up the DVR and watched the Canadian Womens Curling Finals which took place in December to name the Team, which happened to be co-hosted by none other than Ron Burgundy!  You can watch a fun snippet of it here if you like – good times!

DiGiorno Game Day Pizza #shop
Cheering on our ‘skip’ Jennifer Jones who is from our home city of Winnipeg.

Oh and because of my pizza party, I was even awarded a medal of my own!

#1 Mom DiGiorno #shop

Of course before the 2014 winter games in Russia the “Big Football Game” will be broadcast on February 2nd, and   although our favorite team didn’t even make it to the playoffs, we’ll be watching it along with nearly everyone else in North America, if only for the TV commercials!  I’m pretty sure some DiGiorno rollback pizzas will be consumed around here during the game too.

So how about you?  Pizza for #GameTimeGoodies?  Delivery or DiGiorno?  What flavors whet your crew’s whistles? 

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