Fun Cinco De Mayo Activities and Recipe

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Cinco de Mayo is in just two weeks, and my knowledge of this day was sorely lacking.  Pretty much all I knew about it was:

It translated to “May 5”
You eat lots of guacamole, jalapeños, and tortillas

After some research I found out that it celebrates the legendary Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, in which a Mexican force of 4500 men faced 6000 French soldiers.  Long story short, the Mexicans won and so they party.  A fairly good reason to, I’d say.

Now coming from a German heritage, growing up in Canada and now living in South Dakota you can imagine that I haven’t done much “celebrating” of Cinco de Mayo in my life.  But I probably need to learn how it’s done seeing as in 2014, I’ll be living in Texas when Cinco de Mayo rolls around again…and I’m pretty sure there’s lots of celebrating going on down there!

So this year will be a trial run and thanks to Food Network celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffman we have a great guacamole recipe to make and thanks to Coca Cola we’ll have plenty of activities to make a #CokeFiesta right in our home with our family.

Mango Tomatillo Guacamole by Chef Ingrid Hoffman
(click to download/print)

 Here are some activities to create balloons and pennants and a taco holder for your #CokeFiesta.  There are 8 different sheets so make sure you click the arrow on the side to get them all.

For more fun ideas on how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home with your family visit

Do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?  If so let us know what kind of recipes you make and activities you do!