Frito-Lay Snacks

Game day may be over, but we all still like to eat those snacks that are associated with the ‘football munchies’: pop, chips, maybe some queso.

And there is nothing wrong with that, in fact, Frito-Lay is devoted to making their chips more nutritious for those of us who are chip lovers.  They start with fresh, farm-grown ingredients, and many of their chips are made with just three ingredients: potatoes or corn, all natural oils and salt.

Whole Grains

Believe it or not, many varieties of the Frito-Lay line up provide whole grains like Tostitos snacks, which contain 8 grams of whole grain corn per serving, and SunChips, which brings 18 grams of whole grain per serving!  SunChips are also a good source of fiber.

SunChips are a favorite in our home.  We buy them in bulk at Sam’s Club.  Both the Original and Harvest Cheddar flavors are enjoyed, and not just for snacking.  They make a great side when we choose to eat sandwiches for dinner.

Less Sodium

Surprise!  Most of the Frito-Lay chips have a lot less salt than you think they do!  A 1 oz serving of Lay’s Classic potato chips has about the same amount of sodium as a slice of white bread.  Who knew?

Since heart disease runs in my husband’s family, I personally like to serve the Lay’s Lightly Salted potato chips.  They contain 50% less sodium then the regular ones.  Every step toward reducing the salt we consume is important to me, so this is a way we can cut down. 

Lay’s has also started using all-natural seasonings to flavor some of their potato chips.

Reducing Environmental Footprint

You may have purchased a bag of SunChips in the past where the bag makes a bit of noise  .  That noise though equals a biodegradable packaging.  It’s just a part of the way Frito-Lay is trying to reduce their environmental footprint.    Their snack packaging is made from recycled products, so you can reuse or recycle the materials.

They use renewable energy, such as solar power and biomasss boilers, in some of their manufacturing plants.  They closely monitor their resources in an effort to reduce the amount of water, electricity and fuel that is used.  As well as taking measures to divert at least 99 percent of waste from landfills.  They reuse their shipping cartons up to six times before recycling them! 

Kudos to the companies that take this responsibility on to protect our planet!

Now I am disclosing that Frito-Lay sent me a package that included some branded goodies as a well as some bags of chips.  But we were a Frito-Lay ‘Fan’ family long before that.  You will always find a bag of SunChips, Baked Cheetos, Tostitos or a can of Stax in my pantry (or a combination of the above!), because we love the taste and are pleased with the quality and choices of snacks that Frito-Lay provides.

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