Frank Peretti’s Newest Novel ~ Illusion

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I’ve always been intrigued by ‘magic’ shows, actually better described as illusion shows. A couple of cruises ago, we were treated to a show by a very talented illusionist, and I spent the better part of the evening just trying to figure out how he did his tricks. Alas, I just could not.

On a different note, but pertaining to this blog post/review, I’ve also always been intrigued by the writing of Frank Peretti. I have voraciously read all of his previous novels many times over, and our daughter grew up falling asleep to Mr. Henry for years. If you’re a fan of his, you know that he hasn’t published a book since 2005 and even his last co-authored book (House, with Ted Dekker) was in 2006.

Now melding the two paragraphs above together, I present to you the latest book release by Frank Peretti: Illusion. A book by one of my favorite authors steeped in the world of illusions. But not in quite the way you might expect.

A long married couple, who excel in the entertainment industry as magicians, are in a vehicular accident. The wife, Mandy, is whisked away after flatlining in the ER and her husband Dane must now go on living without her by his side. But there seems to be a time shift between the past and the present when Mandy finds herself at the fair grounds…in the future, but she remembers the earlier part of the day as being 1970 – and she isn’t even close to claiming senior discounts…she’s just 19.

Now Dane and Mandy’s lives collide again – on a different timeline, his being the present at 60 years of age; hers being a mix of a past that took place 30 years ago, but feels like yesterday, and a present she knows she doesn’t belong in. Yet it’s the art of illusion that brings them together once again, and Dane can’t help but feel that this young girl he’s met is so much like his deceased wife.

Mandy relies on the only things she knows how to do to survive in a world that she’s unfamiliar with – magic. Dane reluctantly agrees to mentor her in the art of illusion – but Mandy can do things that don’t seem possible without good rigging and props, tricks that seem to defy the space/time continuum.

Frank Peretti does not disappoint with Illusion. For sci-fi/fantasy TV fans I can compare it to a cross between Fringe and Life on Mars (in reverse). For those that generally don’t read Christian fiction you’ll still might want to take a chance on it, there are pockets of spiritual elements in it, but it’s in no way ‘preachy’ or oppressive. Illusion is a really well written story, that was worth the time spent reading.

You can purchase Illusion at booksellers nationwide. At the time of this post’s publishing it’s on sale at for $16.94 ($12.99 for Kindle) and for $16.24 ($12.99 Nook), plus if you sign up and shop through Coupon Cactus you can get another 3% cash back at

Disclosure: I received a sample from Howard Books. No compensation was received. I have my own opinions about the product.  Affiliate links are used in the post.

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