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Are you aware of the health and environmental issues surrounding the quality of our food and water is?  Did you know that if you drank natural earth spring water, it improves hydration?  If you did know that and drink bottled spring water you also know that the expense can add up.

I got on board the water drinking wagon a while ago when I received a water filtration pitcher to test out.  Unfortunately the filter that came with it, didn’t achieve its water expectancy.  Then I fell off the wagon.  When I accepted a challenge a few weeks ago, to drink plenty of water to see how it affected my skin’s hydration, I knew it was time to also break out the Water Wand I received to review.

Since it is clearly not convenient for most people to physically go to the natural source of spring water, AvantGarde Wellness is bringing it to you with their Water Wand, which turns tap water into restorative water for pennies per bottle.

Utilizing a new green technology, the wand creates restorative water that both alkalizes and ionizes drinking water through a bio-mimcry process transforming it into healing water (see their website for more details).

Water Wand removes most of the contaminants from fresh water sources so tap water becomes the most healthful way to drink water.  It functions on the premise that most water today has become acidic, this makes it less beneficial to the molecules and cells in our bodies. 

I have to say after drinking water with the Water Wand, I have noticed a difference in my facial skin.  Now partially I know that’s just because I’ve been drinking more water, but the Water Wand by turning your tap water into restorative water also provides an antioxidant effect as well as reduces free radicals.  I don’t know if that has something to do with it or not, but I’ve also noticed that my skin is more resilient and that my hair is softer than it was before, and my scalp is not as dry (and I have psoriasis so I don’t know if it will every not be somewhat itchy).

The Water Wand supercharges you water to deliver more vital oxygen to your body.  Hopefully that will help with some of the pains I get from my Raynaud’s, especially combined with it’s hydrating ability.

I am grateful to have been able to review the Water Wand, I really think it’s restorative elements are going to be healing to me.

Christmas is the perfect time of year to introduce the concept of Restorative Water to your family and friends.  With many people making resolutions at that time to become more healthy in the New Year, you can give them a jumpstart. 

The Water Wand lasts for six months, and costs $129. For more information on the AvantGarde of Wellness Water Wand visit their website, www.AvantGardeWellness.com

Disclosure of Material Connection: I wrote this feature on behalf of AvantGarde Wellness and was supplied with a sample and information through them, the review and opinions are my own.

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