Essential Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

A fine piece of jewelry can hold a ton of sentimental and literal value. Quality pieces can last forever, can be worn day or night, can be dressed up or down and can be there through all your life’s events. If you want to invest in the right pieces or complete your collection, here are the essential jewelry pieces you’ll love to own and show off.

Simple earrings

Let’s start from the top: earrings. Throughout history, women (and men) wore earrings as one of the staple pieces of jewelry. Traditionally, they were not only worn for decoration and to show off one’s wealth and status, but also as lucky charms that bring good fortune and ward off evil. In some cultures, married women used to sport oversized earrings to state their good standings. Today, they are still as desirable as ever. You can wear your favorite earrings to express your identity, uniqueness, style and beauty. Also, they accentuate your face and draw attention to all your best features. The most versatile earrings are studs, so make sure to grab a pair for your jewelry box.

A diamond bracelet

A diamond bracelet, AKA after the US champion Chris Ever wore hers while playing in the 1970s, is one of the most iconic jewelry pieces you can have in your collection. A tennis bracelet is classy and smart enough to be worn to work, glamorous enough for gala events and simple enough for a Sunday brunch. It will add just the right amount of bling to your outfits. These bracelets look good on anyone and after 50 years of popularity, they show no signs of getting outdated. You can opt for a single bracelet for a simple and minimal look or stack them together to make a statement.

Colored gemstone ring

White diamonds in your tennis bracelet always look great, but it’s a shame not to dive into the world of colored gemstones. You have a rainbow of colors to choose from: red rubies, green emeralds, blue sapphires and the infinite number of different hues of semi-precious stones—Mother Nature blessed us with all sorts of beauty. If you want to look at some pretty specimens, visit and pick anything from their collection of authentic brilliant gemstone rings. These flatter any skin tone and all styles, and they will always come in handy when you need to spice up your outfits.

A statement piece

When you want to attract attention and show off your boldness and uniqueness, you need a statement jewelry piece. These pieces will definitely start some conversations, but they can also be worn as a symbolic object to the wearer. For instance, you can popularized by flapper girls of the roaring 20s that were used to draw attention to their illicit drinks. With these rings (or statement jewelry in general) more is more, and even a single piece of jewelry is enough to make a big impression.

A classic watch

If you’re looking for the ultimate accessory you can wear every day, look no further than a watch. This piece will not only be useful when you’re busy but also add a final touch to any outfit. Every jewelry box needs to contain a simple classic by a trusted brand that evokes both style and mastery. Round watches are universal and always flattering, while square ones breathe elegance. When it comes to metal, choose whichever one you wear the most, but make sure to focus on the best materials and craftsmanship—don’t be scared to splurge, it will be worth it!

essential jewelry

There you have it, five pieces that need to have a spot in every woman’s jewelry box. Getting these might be an investment, but it will be a good one since quality jewelry is timeless and can be worn by generations.

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  1. I need to change up my jewelry box a bit. Have no need for a watch now days but i do love some of the older ones.

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