Easter Baskets from GourmetGiftBaskets.com

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Easter has always been an exciting holiday in our home.  And I literally say IN our home, because more often than not where we lived we needed to have Easter Egg hunts in our house because it was too cold or wet or (yes!) snowy or rainy to have them outside.  It never diminished our daughter’s excitement for searching for the treat filled eggs (or my chagrin at her pulling out few dust bunnies in the process), but what she did miss out on a lot was the receiving of traditional Easter Baskets. 

Living far away from extended family meant that cash or gift cards were sent to this Mommy to put together Easter Baskets for the little one.  And I got to the point where I couldn’t get that creative to put together three or four different baskets while still making them unique and not going over budget for some or buying things “just because” I needed to use up money for another.  And the excitement of Easter Baskets soon wore off for me.

Had GourmetGiftBaskets.com been around at the time, I would have directed the grandparents and aunties & uncles there to buy and ship a fun basket for Amber.  That way they could have had a direct hand in choosing one for her (rather than have me do it).  And really that wouldn’t have been all that off the mark since the gift makers at GourmetGiftBaskets.com have seen that grandparents are fueling the trend by sending baskets to their grandkids.

Favorite things are included in the Easter Baskets that GourmetGiftBaskets.com offers – toys, candy, snacks and/or of course a cuddly bunny.

GourmetGiftBaskets.com sent me an Ultimate Easter Gift Basket for review.  It came packaged excellently.  And with the outer wrap on it, you’d have no idea how much is actually packed into it.  So even though Easter is a couple of weeks away yet, I had to open so we could see what all was in it  .

All of this was in that basket!  I really think this would please most any kid.  My daughter right away grabbed the Smarties and art supplies, my husband laid hands on the solid milk chocolate bunny (and promptly ate the ears first), and I noshed on the yogurt pretzels and jelly beans (I’m saving that popcorn for another day, although it is calling my name loudly).  And my biggest fear about buying premade baskets was put to rest, as all the candy/food in it was fresh (I’m always worried that these packaged things where you can’t see dates are going to have out of date food).  That cuddly bunny found its way on top of my fireplace mantle where he’s giving my living room a very festive look .

You can find all sorts of Easter Baskets on their website, and gifts start as low as $24.99.  I wouldn’t mind it if the Bunny dropped off the Chocolate Easter Basket for me!  FOR THE FIRST TIME, Gourmet Gift Baskets is offering petite, 6-inch Easter-themed cakes, perfect for any celebration. One is the Easter Chick Specialty Cake and the other is Easter Egg Specialty Cake.  GourmetGiftBaskets.com is even offering delectable hams for Easter dinner.  To see more of the site’s considerable Easter selection, click here

The gourmet popcorn that was in the basket we received was from one of GourmetGiftBaskets.com family of brands KingofPop.com.  Their other brands have delicious offerings for your holiday parties as well.

What do you put in your kids’ Easter baskets?  What’s your favorite treat from them to ‘steal’?!

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