Sudio: Earbuds from Sweden with Studio Quality Sound

Previously to taking up running I didn’t use headphones or earbuds a lot.  Music is my saving grace to getting through that last little bit of a run though.  The problem with many earphones or headsets I’ve owned though is that they tangle up when I store them, or they hurt my ears because they don’t fit well, or I have to blast my music SO loud just to be able to hear it over the ambient noise around me.  And then I was sent a pair of Vasa Earbuds from Sweden by a company called Sudio and my workout and music listening have been changed for the better.

Sudio is a Swedish lifestyle brand which makes elegant earbuds and offers studio quality sound for a third of what they would cost in retail!  I’ve tried numerous earbuds from large brand names, paying a lot of money and honestly most of them have had mediocre sound or they hurt my ears so badly because of the way the earbuds are designed I can’t keep them in long enough to tell whether the sound is any good.   These Vasa earbuds that I received from Sudio to try out are $80 USD (with free worldwide shipping), so they are priced inline with higher end brands but the quality makes them easily worth double the price.

Sudio all started a few years ago when their founders were looking for earbuds. The market consisted of black electronic products as well as street and hip hop products which didn’t fit their style. They wanted a stylish accessory, like a watch or a belt, a brand like Ralph Lauren within earbuds so they decided to create the product they wanted to buy.

During the project, one of the founders was in New York and ran into Phil Collins on the street when he had problems with his earphones. When they still were in the prototype stage and didn’t even have a name, was all he could say to Phil “Trust me, I know the feeling.” From that bittersweet meeting they chose to name the company after his song “Sussudio”.   I just love that, because I listened to that on my Walkman with the crappiest headset ever back in the day 😉

As you can see by the photo above, even the packaging for Sudio earbuds is classy with a very European feel.  They know how to get a lot in a compact box that still looks good; very Swedish 🙂  Included in the packaging are the earbuds (obviously), a leather pouch to store/carry them in, 4 extra sizes of earbuds (so you can get the best fit possible), a cable clip, owner’s manual, quick start guide card and a guarantee certificate.

The Vasa earbuds are designed with users in mind.  The cords are flat so they don’t get tangled up.

They include an integrated remote with a mic on it so you can answer calls while using them.  The buttons for playing music and volume controls are responsive and once you use them a few times flipping between songs and functions becomes natural.  The included clip keeps the cable from bouncing around when you’re running or exercising.  The earbuds are comfortable and with the variety of sizes should fit most people’s preferences.

And while all those features are wonderful, most of us use earbuds to enjoy music (or podcasts, listen to movies, or a variety of other activities that we actually want to hear!).  VASA is one of Sudio’s premium models, to which a new generation 10.2 mm (0.4 inches for the non-metric folks) driver has been developed. The new driver is their best so far. The user is now able to hear every detail, in every instrument, in every song, giving a unique, unforgettable sound experience.  Compared to every other pair of earbuds I’ve owned the sound on these is far superior.  For a tiny pair of earphones, they really pack a punch.  I find I don’t have to turn the volume up as much as with other sets to achieve a listening experience that tunes out the surrounding noise.

The Vasa earbuds come in 4 colors.  Pink, as shown in my photos, and blue.  Those both have gold plating on the buds.  They also come in white or black both of which have rose gold plating.  You do have to choose a platform of iOS or Android when purchasing (I’m guessing for playback using the remote, microphone compatibility and what not).   For a bit more you can also get the Vasa Blå which are a wireless option for these earbuds.

These would make a really good gift for anyone on your list that is asking for a set of earbuds, loves listening to music or just likes fashionable accessories 🙂  Sudio has a couple of other styles as well the Klang and the Två, with a bit of a lower price point.  Here’s the bonus for you all… if you purchase any earbuds from Sudio you can save 15% by using the code ThreeDifferentDirections15 at checkout, and remember they offer free shipping (yes worldwide!).

Keep up with all things Sudio on their website,, and by following along on their social channels: 

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  1. I don’t think I can even walk on the treadmill if I don’t have music blaring in my ears. These look pretty fancy.

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