DIY DuckTape ChapStick Holder – Tote Your ChapStick® Everywhere!

I’m talking about dried, cracked lips today, or rather hopefully the lack thereof.

Having dry lips bugs me so much!  And you all know, from your kids, that licking them does not help.  No one wants that icky red ring around their lips from licking them often.  That’s why I have a ChapStick® on me all the time.

With a specialized formula for every lip need, this legendary beauty product is one that goes where you go.  This every day essential has been tried-and-true for years to protect and visibly improve the appearance of lips.

All ChapStick® products deliver skincare for lips, but each product has its own benefits for every lip need. Perfect for everyday wear, ChapStick® Classic Range defend lips against the drying effects of wind and cold weather.  It’s the one that made ChapStick® America’s favorite lip balm, and it has remained a beauty staple since the brand’s inception more than 100 years ago, continuing to protect and moisturize lips every day! Keep it Original, toss in fun fruity flavors like Cherry and Strawberry, or keep it fresh with Spearmint.

ChapStick Classic

You can quench a thirsty pout with ChapStick® Moisturizer, featuring more than 7 moisturizing ingredients that will leave your lips feeling soft, supple and silky.

ChapStick Moisturizer

Keep your lips healthy rain or shine with ChapStick® Sun Defense, which delivers SPF protection and other moisturizing ingredients. Want to bring the taste of the islands everywhere you go? ChapStick® Tropical Paradise Collection brings the exotic taste of the islands to your lips for a sweet, refreshing treat, all while making them feel softer and more hydrated!  Aloha Coconut will be available exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide while Mango Sunrise will be available at mass retailers and drug stores nationwide.

DIY DuckTape ChapStick Holder

Whether you are feeling under the weather or just need that extra boost of hydration, ChapStick® Medicated quickly soothes the pain and seals in moisture with a light, protective barrier to help heal severely dry, chapped lips.

Dry lips, no problem.  Break out the ChapStick in my pocket.. oh wait, lost it … again!  Oy vey.  SO…I solved that problem by taking out the DuckTape and making a ChapStick holder that I can hang on my bag (then I also don’t have to rummage through it for another ChapStick that may be lurking in the depths of that dark hole).

DIY DuckTape ChapStick Holder

This would be a fun craft for kids to make at a Girl/Boy Scout meeting or birthday party too, because they’re great for hanging on backpacks!  They are quick to make too.

DIY DuckTape ChapStick Holder

What you need to make the DuckTape ChapStick Holder

  • Patterned DuckTape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Elastic Band

DIY DuckTape ChapStick Holder

Measure and cut two 9″ long strips of DuckTape.  Stick them together so the pattern is facing out on both sides and you have one strip.

Fold the bottom up about 2 1/2″ and tape the edges with thin pieces of the DuckTape to form a pocket.

Thread an elastic band and fold the top portion down about 1 1/2″.  Seal that down with another strip of DuckTape.

Thread the elastic through a buckle loop and pull the holder through that (like you would a luggage tag).

Your ChapStick tubes now have their own little pocket that’s accessible for you to grab whenever you need!

DIY DuckTape ChapStick Holder

The ChapStick® product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.  Any opinions stated are my own.

ChapStick Logo

ChapStick® is happy to provide ChapStick® products to one of my readers!

19 thoughts on “DIY DuckTape ChapStick Holder – Tote Your ChapStick® Everywhere!

  1. I had no idea there were so many flavors! I want to try Cake Batter, but I think my favorite would be Classic Spearmint.

  2. I am a plain with moisturizer girl, but I vaguely remember trying a vanilla one I liked? Peppermint is great too.

  3. I love the classic cherry flavor, but I would love to try the Aloha Coconut!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  4. I like the classic cherry – Its original. I love chapstick and I mean LOVE I think ive passed this love on to my daughters too. Ive bought over 100 tubes last year. Im not sure what they do with it.

  5. Oh I have always loved the Classic Cherry and never have looked for other flavors. They have so many neat ones…I have to look for them and try them!

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