Disney’s Magical Fireplace

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There’s nothing like gathering your family around a roaring fire during the holidays.  I agree with that statement, except for the fact that I don’t have one (boo).  So it was with great delight that I received Disney’s Magical Fireplace DVD (mrsp $19.95) to display on my TV for Christmas.  But this isn’t just any old ‘yule log’ it has that added bit of Disney magic!

The ambiance of this DVD is varied; you can choose to have classic holiday music (with two beloved songs performed by Disney characters) accompanying your fire or you can just have the crackling flames of a burning log if you prefer.  Disney’s Magical Fireplace really adds an extra level of delight to the holidays for Disney fans.

I’ve ‘snuck’ a peek at the DVD already, but I plan on using in Christmas Eve when our family opens presents.  I was very impressed.  If you can’t be at Disney World (or for us a Disney Cruise!) for Christmas, this is a good consolation!  Little extras sweep across the screen every once in a while, a famous silhouette in fireworks, Tinkerbell sprinkles some pixie dust…it’s a lot of fun finding the hidden Mickeys and other favorite Disney characters that appear. 

Without a doubt this Magical Fireplace will be get played a lot in our home during the Christmas season.  The only way it could be better is if it actually threw warmth .

Here’s the 12 Days of Christmas presented by the Disney Characters in the Magical Fireplace!

The price right now is just $14.95 and you can Save 24% + FREE SHIPPING on 2 or more.

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