Disney’s FROZEN – Activity Sheets

Disney’s FROZEN 2 is coming to theaters.  Have you seen any trailers for the movie yet?  We loved the first movie and think Olaf the Snowman is HILARIOUS!  I also love the wit and humor of the characters in the movie, and it looks like Frozen 2 is going to be a great family movie to share during the holiday season.

Disney provided bloggers with some activity sheets to share with their readers when the first movie was released with some of the Frozen characters.  There’s a build a snowman activity (this is so cute!) and some mazes and a memory card game that kids can cut, assemble and play!

You can click on the image below and then double click on each image to  download and/or print them for your kids. They can complete them as they wait for Frozen 2 to come to a movie theater near you!

14 thoughts on “Disney’s FROZEN – Activity Sheets

  1. We've been printing these out to do, little man loves these. He asks for them in the evenings and calls them his "homework" 🙂

  2. Isn't it crazy that we are THIS CLOSE to the holidays? Is it just me, or is the year speeding by?
    My son will love these, and looks forward to the movie.
    Thanks for sharing

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