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Disneynature’s Born In China Trailer

Disneynature was launched in April 2008. Its mission is to bring the world’s top nature filmmakers together to share a wide variety of wildlife stories on the big screen in order to engage, inspire and educate theatrical audiences everywhere. Walt Disney was a pioneer in wildlife filmmaking, producing 13 True-Life Adventure motion pictures between 1948 and 1960, which earned eight Academy Awards®. The first six Disneynature films, “Earth,” “Oceans,” “African Cats,” “Chimpanzee,” “Bears” and “Monkey Kingdom” are six of the top seven highest overall grossing feature-length nature films to date, with “Chimpanzee” garnering a record-breaking opening weekend for the genre. Disneynature’s commitment to conservation is a key pillar of the label and the films empower the audience to help make a difference.

We were first introduced to Disneynature in 2010 when we saw the Prem’ear’ of Oceans on the Disney Magic, while we were on the ocean no less!  From that point on we’ve been great fans of the Disneynature documentaries.  Born in China is the 7th Disneynature theatrical film.

Narrated by John Krasinski, Born in China follows the stories of some of Chinas most fascinating animals; pandas, golden monkeys, snow leopards and chirus (more recognized by their aka Tibetan antelopes).  The breathtaking footage and high-definition quality picture is captivating for audiences of all ages and is a must-add to the in-home collection.  The epic wide shots that the director and cameramen captured of China’s vast landscapes are amazing.  

The film is directed by accomplished Chinese filmmaker Lu Chuan and produced by Disney’s Roy Conli and renowned nature filmmakers Brian Leith and Phil Chapman. The film features an orchestral score composed by Emmy®-winner Barnaby Taylor that incorporates authentic Chinese flavors. 

Watching animal families is fascinating and like every other Disneynature film we’ve seen, the cinematography in Born in China is beautiful.  You just can’t help ooh and aah and be completely charmed by the adorable babies.

We were most captivated by the Golden Snub-nosed Monkey family.  Little Tao Tao has such personality and following his journey through a year was so interesting.  Take a peek at some of the antics these monkeys indulged in with the crew while they filmed Born in China.

From birth to death and all that lies between, Born in China encapsulates the ‘circle of life’ that your children may already be somewhat familiar with because of The Lion King.  

Furthermore, the in-home release comes packaged with all-new bonus features that take viewers deeper into the making of a true-life adventure film, showcasing the extreme measures it took to travel, film, observe and encounter these amazing animals in their natural habitats in the far northeast China; Showcases how Disneynature and the Disney Conservation efforts behind these films have helped make a difference around the globe; and features the full music video by “American Authors” end-credit song “Everything Everything.” 

These days is unusual that we don’t enjoy the bonus features on in-home entertainment as much as we enjoy the films themselves.  Born in China has some terrific bonus features, especially Panda Suits & Bamboo Shoots!  Also when you’re watching the film watch all the way through to the end credits, there are some fun clips and you’ll definitely appreciate what the crew endured to bring you such an incredibly beautiful documentary.

BONUS FEATURES (Blu-ray & Digital)*: 

Panda Suits & Bamboo Shoots – Join the team as they struggle through an almost impenetrable bamboo forest in an effort to capture footage of pandas in the wild.
Walking with Monkeys – The shivering crew bundles up to film the adorable golden snub-nosed monkeys engaged in a surprisingly human activity.
Masters of Camouflage – Go behind the scenes as the filmmakers set out on a quest never before achieved: to find and film a snow leopard family in the wild.
Wading Through Wetlands – A crew travels to far northeast China to catch the first moments of a red-crowned crane chick’s life.
“Everything Everything” Music Video Performed by American Authors – check out the full music video of American Authors end-credit song “Everything Everything.”
Disneynature: Get Inspired, Get Involved –Join Disneynature and the Disney Conservation as they thank our audiences and the animals who star in the films for helping to make Disneynature and its conservation efforts a success.

*Bonus features may vary by retailer

Born In China

Born in China is available now in Digital format as well as on Blu-ray DVD.  You can find it online at Movies Anywhere, Amazon.com as well as other retailers.

You can learn more about Born in China online at:

Facebook: Facebook.com/Disneynature
Website:   Nature.Disney.com/Born-in-China
Twitter:    Twitter.com/Disneynature
Instagram: Instagram.com/Disneynature

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  1. This movie looks absolutely adorable. I love baby animals and my daughter and I would enjoy seeing this.

  2. Oh we love these movies! They are so educational for the kids…and I love watching all the animals. Pandas are so beautiful!

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