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Heidi over at Reflections has a bi-weekly meme Destination Disney. Doh! Who knew what I was missing out? But here I am to share all things Disney with you — as if you haven’t gotten enough of that on my blog lol!

This week’s Destination Disney theme is DISNEY HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS formerly known as

The last time we brought a camera with us to what was then “MGM Studios” Genius was only 5 — she’s 12 now lol! But you can’t do a stop at the Studios without riding Star Wars, about a gazillion times (or so they say….) Fantasmic!

Looks some what unimpressive in the daylight hours. But believe me, it is more than worth, paying big bucks to dine at one of the restaurants in the park and making early reservations so that you get prime seating for this show.

We’ve seen it 3 times now and are ready for a fourth show this December when we visit.

See the pics below for the more impressive impression it casts…

We’ve typically taken our trips to Disney World in April or October – we’re trying something new this year, pairing it with our week long Disney Cruise – we will be going the first week of December to enjoy the parks. Hopefully this will work out for us so that we can do it annually.

The thing I’m looking forward most to though this time in DHS is the Osborne Lights — I have never seen them before (as we have never gone over the holiday season), and I have heard they are unmatched.


4 thoughts on “Destination Disney

  1. Hi, Tammy.

    I really enjoyed seeing your pictures, especially the one from the end of Fantasmic! with all of the characters.

    I think you will love the Osborne Family Christmas Lights. They are spectacular to see and WDW even manages to make it snow here!

    Your vacation will be here before you know it! Have a great time!


  2. Thanks so much for participating. I hope you’ll join in every other week for our Destination Disney meme! Tell your friends, too.

    I just realized you’re on The Homeschool Crew. Did you realize that I’m TOS Heidi, that is overseeing the group?! What fun! Maybe I should share about DD on the Crew’s group.

  3. Great post! What fun that you are taking the cruise. I hope you will post lots of pics and info about it. Darn my motion sickness lol!

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