Destination Disney – Main Street USA

Tell me…really…how has this happened? After no less than 7 trips to either Disney World or Disneyland…we have NO, (at least that I could find) pictures of Main Street!!!!

That’s not altogether true, I did find one, but since it has friends of ours in it, standing by Walt’s statue in the hub, and not any members of our family, I didn’t feel it appropriate to post.

I guess that’s on my picture opportunity list the next time we make a trip there. Several pictures of Main Street, lol!

My favorite part about Main Street though, is the Emporium. I love walking through from one end, through all the stores, right out to the other side. And there is nothing like walking by the bakery in the morning on your way through the park!

So since I don’t have any pictures, and I still want to participate, I’ll post this video instead. Before our first trip with Genius when she was 2 1/2 a coworker of Hubby’s lent us the video that had this song on it. Genius, loved it, and listened to it over, and over, and over…. from the Disneyland Singalong Songs Video. I found this on YouTube originally posted there by Addamsfn120.

2 thoughts on “Destination Disney – Main Street USA

  1. You know.. I don’t know if we have a whole lot of pictures of Main Street. We’ve been down it probably 100’s of times now and not a lot of pictures to show for it.

    Cute video 🙂

  2. Love the video! We used to have that same sing along and Ashley wore that thing out!
    I still haven’t posted my pictures – need to get them from the laptop over here and apparently the laptop doesn’t have the ability to write to cd. Oh well. Slowly but surely I’ll get them moved.
    Your blog looks great!

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