Destination Disney – Innoventions East & West

Innoventions is not a place we take a lot of time to visit. There are a few reasons we go in there. One is to get out of the heat (which was not a problem this last December as it was only in the mid 60s that day!). Another is to take up time, while waiting for a fast pass time, knowing that any other attraction will take up to much time.

They have changed some of the attractions over the years, obviously to keep up with the times. We really wanted to check out the Waste Management “trash” portion, when we were there, but they only let so many people in at one time, and the line was just too long.

Genius and I, enjoyed looking at Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable’s Kitchen Chemistry. That interested us a lot, as we are reviewing “Friendly Chemistry” for the TOS Crew, which has a lot of kitchen chemistry in it!

We also liked the Slam Lab where you can jump on rubber pads to make fire doors slam. It’s a great work out! (This picture is from The DIS site)
There is so much to do in here, if you’re like us it enables you to fit a little bit in between rides or other attractions, or if it’s right up yours and your childrens alley, you could spend a better part of a day in here! Like all things Epcot, it’s a great learning place too.

Play along with Destination Disney – hosted by Heidi @Reviews & Reflections

2 thoughts on “Destination Disney – Innoventions East & West

  1. Great post, as usual!
    Gracie made her cup with Mickey ears and shoes. It’s very cute ~ but a bit bigger than she’d normally use to drink out of. For $8 though, she better use it! LOL

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