Tips to Find the Best Custom Packing Tape for All Your Packing Needs

Custom packing tape makes it easier to personalize each package, and that means something. Getting a package that feels unique gives loved ones a fuzzy feeling because it shows that you care. We’ve noticed the packing tape options out there can feel overwhelming, so the following tips should help narrow down those choices.

Box Sizes and You

One tip is to measure the boxes you usually send. This information should help you figure out if you need long or short length pattern tape.

A short pattern length is one where the pattern is repeated quickly, but with a long pattern length, the pattern pauses at times. The reason this is important is that shorter lengths can make the pattern look crowded, especially when using large boxes. Those who send large boxes should stick to a long pattern length per roll. 


Know the Colors

Another good thing to keep in mind when finding a good custom tape is that color is not an obstacle anymore. There was a time when the vibrancy of color couldn’t be helped much when it came to taping material, but that is no longer the case.

There are a lot of ways to get the color or pattern one wants with today’s modern printing technology. Some can use bleed, which is a type of printing that takes place on the edge of each tape and allows for the entire tape to take on a very strong background color. A good custom tape designer can work with pretty much any color.

custom packing tape


Use the Stocks

Another tip to keep in mind when looking for good  is to make sure the place you are considering has a large selection of stock designs and images.

Yes, a person can submit a design that he or she owns, but not everyone has this talent. So it might be a good idea to make sure the custom tape designer has a few stock images and patterns available. Sometimes, these could be combined to form something new for those who want uniqueness. It should be pointed out that a good custom tape maker is going to have an organized library where the search for patterns or designs shouldn’t be too complicated.


Layers Should be Simplified

Some companies do not offer many choices when it comes to layering. If a person wants a specific background but wants texts over that layer, then it is okay to do so but only when the company allows the customer to add layers.

The number of layers should be optional, and it allows a person to make a design unique. It should be pointed out that having the ability to layer artwork and other images also help hide aspects of a particular image that you might not like. It can be done by using the layer positioning tool to help cover some of those issues up if there are any.


Ability to Download Pattern

Once the right pattern or set of images is found and formatted, the designer should give the customer a chance to download this image. It takes some time to figure this out, and if the customer loves the image, then he or she is probably going to want to have the image saved on their SD cards or cloud to keep it safe.

Sure, the quantity of packing tape can be pretty large, but that doesn’t mean the customer won’t run out at some point. Having this image saved ensures that if the tape runs out, you could get more without really breaking a sweat, and we all love simplicity.


Choosing the Details

Another important tip to keep in mind is making sure you can figure out the details of the packing tape. There are a lot of things to consider, like the tape’s tensile strength, which is the amount of stretch the tape can withstand.

Those who are a little rough or love to pull on the tape should make sure it is strong enough. The backing material in packing tape could vary, so be sure to choose one that feels right, such as vinyl or even cloth. It all depends on the needs of the customer. Thickness could also be manipulated, and customers who need a tape that can withstand heavy items and handling should stick to something thicker.


We hope these tips make it easier for those . It is okay to make a mistake once or twice because this allows one to make a better choice regarding the best tape for their needs.

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