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Whether it’s a family favorite, sinfully decadent taste or a better-for-you blend you’re going for, The Curious Creamery lets you create your own signature ice cream flavors that are uniquely yours. Because when it comes to ice cream, one size does not fit all. Unleash your sweet inhibitions without an ice cream machine thanks to The Curious Creamery!

A labor of love, The Curious Creamery offers premium, quality ice cream anyway you like it – without all the funny extra ingredients you can’t pronounce. Recognizing the environmental and health impact of traditional ice cream manufacturing, this brand was designed not only to cut the carbon footprint but to combine good products that could be produced locally using healthy ingredients! With award-winning founders that have extensive industry experience and are committed to innovating the dessert category with delicious offerings that are not only easy to make, but nutritionally superior, The Curious Creamery is of the highest quality and socially responsible.

This is all you need to get started – a pouch of The Curious Creamery Ice Cream, milk, heavy whipping cream and sugar.

And then it’s as easy as this:

The hardest part is waiting until it’s frozen!  But when you’re done — this is the deliciousness that is the end result:

This was the Sweet Cream flavor and we just wanted to try it right from the package first before we went and added mix ins.  It was absolutely fantastic tasting.

While the price point is on par or even slightly more with the ice cream prices we personally happen to pay at the grocery store – the ability to make your own flavors, involve your kids in a fun activity and the fact that you know exactly what’s going into your ice cream – I feel it is worth it.

Need a sweet treat to complete your summer spread? Explore the different, delectable flavors from The Curious Creamery: 

  • Ice Cream Mix: A revolutionary, new way to make real ice cream without an ice cream machine! Whip up any flavor of ice cream you can imagine while controlling nutrition and ingredients. Simple to prepare and easy to clean up, choose from Vanilla, Unflavored Original, Strawberry, Chocolate, and even the Mix Sampler. 

  • Ice Cream Cake Mix: Perfect for all occasions from birthday parties to baby showers, the Ice Cream Cake Mix allows curious dessert lovers at all skill levels to create an impressive, premium dessert cake – in any size, shape, or form – in less time than it takes to drive to the store. Just combine one pack of the base mix with cream and sugar and an ice-cold liquid, whisk, and then add in any extra flavors before freezing. Celebrate summer with this tasty treat! Available in several flavors such as Birthday Cake, German Chocolate, Strawberry, and Sweet Cream. 

  • Alcoholic Ice Cream: Upgrade your favorite cocktail into ice cream! The Boozy Creamery is the perfect adult treat for any day or occasion. Just add a chilled liquid and alcohol, then whisk and in five minutes it’s ready to go. Available in many fun flavors including Irish Mudslide, Margarita, Mint Mojito, White Russian, and the Boozy Ice Cream Sampler.

Finish your summer with a delicious dessert that fits your unique taste and improves health. You and your guests will be sure to swoon over The Curious Creamery!  Get your tasty treat for only $1.99 a pouch at!  

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