Countdown to Valentine’s Day with Market Street!

I’m excited to partner with Market Street this month as I share with you about a way to keep the romance alive in your marriage by making a Countdown to Valentine’s Calendar for Grown Ups!  While this post is sponsored all opinions are my own.

After 20 years of marriage, I know that when it comes to Valentine’s Day a couple can get a little passive about it.

We’re taking a study on marriage right now in our small group, and so it encouraged me to come up with some ideas to put on a Countdown to Valentine’s Day calendar.  Nothing on it is expensive, many of the ‘hints’ I put on it are for things that are just ordinary with a loving sentiment.

It’s really easy for you to put one of these together for your spouse.  All you need is a calendar, some extra paper or wrapped paper hearts and your imagination 🙂

I took a February calendar page and in each day of the first 14 days, I put little hints as to what I would give my husband that evening as a countdown to Valentine’s Day.  Things like “Sweets for my Sweetie” and give him some chocolates, “You Leaf Me Breathless” and I’ll rake the leaves for him outside (which he usually does), “Our Love Will Never Die” for an evening watching The Walking Dead.

Then I’ll cover them up with this cute little papers that say “On the 1st Day of Valentine’s My True Love Gave to Me…,” (etc., etc., ), so he’ll have to remove them each day and try and guess what he’s getting.

(I wasn’t very creative with Day 2, I actually gave it away right there, telling him it was his choice for movie night!).  You could also cover it up with wrapped chocolate hearts.

You’ll notice on the 13th day I have “You Take the Cake” which is a perfect time to give him this Personalized Sweetheart Cake from Market Street.  They are available at the bakery now through Feb. 14th.  This one cost me just $3.99!

‘Sneddy’ is the pet name we’ve called each other since we’ve been engaged.  Donald called me sweetie in front of my 2 year old niece at the time and she kept repeating it ‘sneddy’ and it stuck 🙂

You don’t have to spend a lot and you can still spoil your special someone for Valentine’s Day with items from Market Street.

Pick up the whole package, from roses to wine to decadent chocolate-dipped strawberries – all in one place.

One of the calendar days I have written “candlelight & soft music,” where I’m planning a romantic dinner.  Market Street can make that easy with a special dinner for two. They have a Special Meals for 2 Valentine’s menu where you can order online and pickup to enjoy a gourmet dining experience at home.  There’s a choice of Herb Crusted Prime Rib and Grilled Lemon Basil Salmon.


And with a great selection of Valentine’s Day treats at Market Street, you’ll find plenty of items to make this Valentine’s Day special.  You can choose from their incredible assortment of heart-shaped boxed chocolates.  Small to large, they have a heart that’s perfect for you!  Look at all these fun things I found right as I walked into the store the other day!

What kinds of fun ideas would you add to a Countdown Calendar to Valentine’s Day for your spouse or significant other?

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