North Texas Coppell Community Welcomes Natural Grocers’ Newest Store

Natural Grocers just opened a brand new location in Coppell, North Texas.  Natural Grocers is leading the natural and organic revolution and I had the opportunity to visit the new store last week for a Paleo-inspired tasting and loads of great information about the Natural Grocers difference, eating healthy and the benefits the new store will bring to the Coppell area.

Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers started as a Colorado family-owned business in 1955 by Margaret and Philip Isely.  One of their Founding Principles is nutrition education. Every new store has a Nutritional Health Coach who inspires customers toward their health goals and can give you the tools to educate yourself about important food and nutrition topics.

Natural Grocers Nutrionist

They are committed to quality.  On their store shelves:

  • In grocery – no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.  No hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oils.
  • In skin care – no chemical sunscreens
  • Only 100% organic produce
  • No irradiated foods
  • Bulk foods – nuts, grains and flours are refrigerated and pre-packed for sanitary reasons.
  • Naturally-raised meats – no hormones, antibiotics, or growth promoters.  No animal by-products in feed and animals must be given pasture and raised humanely.
  • Pasture-based dairy products.

All products on Natural Grocers shelves go through a rigorous screening and approval process.  Their suppliers are continually evaluated to ensure their dedication to their guidelines.  They provide the highest quality groceries and supplements and only USDA certified organic fresh produce at the best prices in the industry.  Their standards are 2nd to none.

Natural Grocers believe that healthy foods and nutritional supplements should be affordable for everyone.  So they strive to be the AFFORDABLE PRICE leader in their industry.

They are also committed to their communities.  They offer quality nutrition education and outreach as well as culinary nutrition education classes, all at no cost.  They also do fundraising drives for food banks and other non-profit organizations.

The Coppell, TX Natural Grocers store is located at:

coppell120 S Denton Tap Rd
Coppell, TX 75019



Visit their website at NATURALGROCERS.COM to find a location near you and follow them on social media on all channels @naturalgrocers.

Thanks to Natural Grocers for hosting me for the taste testing and supplying some swag and a gift card for my time.

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