Come Home to Autumn Comfort!

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Do you want to make your home, your haven? You can embrace fall with accents that will bring the best of the season inside and out to ‘warm’ up your home and make it inviting!

Soft throws, quilts and pillows add texture, color and warmth to your home. Drape or place them on sofas and chairs in your living areas, or toss them on your bed to make a cozy statement. Fabrics like velvet, chenille, wool and felt give an extra depth to that warm feeling, and use colors like gold, burgundy and winter white for dimension.

Enjoying the cooler nights outdoors can have some extra ambiance with landscape lighting installation. Whether you’re reveling in the sounds and scents of the season on the patio or porch, or tossing the football in the backyard, the additional lighting allows you to stay outside just a wee bit later! An outdoor fire pit is a perfect way to warm up your deck on chilly evenings, and everyone will be intoxicated with the colors and textures of fall!

Or if you aren’t the outdoorsy type, bring nature inside! It’s easy and affordable to make focal décor with nature items. A wire basket in your front entry or next to your fireplace hearth full of pinecones is simple but chic. Visit your local Dollar Store and fill glass jars with decorative pieces like plastic mini pumpkins, acorns, or faux leaves. Autumn scented votive candles placed in a grouping on a table can create a cornucopia of scents. One of the easiest ways to decorate during this season is with autumn vegetables and fruits. Just fill a basket with apples, and squash! Of course it’s also great that you can eat that décor!

What kind of fall decorating do you like to do in your home? Do you put out the same décor every year? Are you crafty and make things to display in your home for the autumn season?

4 thoughts on “Come Home to Autumn Comfort!

  1. I just brought out the wood chunks painted orange to look like pumpkins that my daughter made about 10 years ago. I also bought some brand new pumpkin scented candles. Fall, here I come.

  2. Oh I'm not crafty at all. I buy some fall accent pieces and love the cinnamon pinecones in a basket, yum! I do have a throw I drape over a chair in my dining room. Also like the previous commenter I love pumpkin scented candles!

  3. I so need to get more fallsy around here. Though Cory has been buying new Halloween decor… though I told him it's a mite too soon to be putting them out yet haha.

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