Coffee Cooler Recipe ~ Safest Choice Eggs Give Away

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Okay, I’m cutting it close here, but it is still May, albeit the last day in the month – but May IS National Egg Month.

The average American eats more than 20 dozen eggs a year!! Oh but wait, do you ever worry about salmonella…I admit that I do, not generally when I cook eggs – but (gasp!) I do lick the spoon, especially when making chocolate chip cookies!

I’m now covered in that department though, I just learned about and got to try Safest Choice Eggs, which eliminate the risk of salmonella, taste great and have a longer shelf life than regular eggs. Why? Because they go through a patented pasteurization process to make all of that possible.

And for moms, the best part about Safest Choice Eggs is that you can use them for baking AND let your kids lick the spoon (well if there is any left after you’ve already licked it!). You won’t worry about them getting sick – at least not from the raw eggs!

Have you ever wanted to make a smoothie, a protein drink or a custard using a raw egg, but of course were put off by the ‘raw’ part? Here’s a delicious Coffee Cooler I made in my home the other day that is perfect for a hot summer day and rivals one made in a coffee house for a fraction of the price.



4 oz Sugar Free Kahlua Coffee Liqueur Flavored Syrup
3 oz Fat Free White Chocolate Mocha Coffee Creamer
1 SAFEST CHOICE PASTEURIZED EGG (* do not use a regular raw egg)
2 cups of crushed ice
Garnishes: Whipped Cream, Caramel Syrup

1. Add all ingredients together and blend until it reaches desired consistency.
2. Pour into two glasses.
3. Garnish with whipped cream and caramel syrup – serve immediately.

Safest Choice Eggs has teamed up with Chef Giuliano Hazan to cook up delicious and safe egg dishes. His newest cookbook, “Hazan Family Favorites”, was published earlier this month.

While everyone can benefit from pasteurized eggs, “for high risk groups who are susceptible to salmonella, including expectant mothers, children under 10, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems, Safest Choice Eggs are the smartest choice.” – Tom Izzo, director of marketing at Safest Choice Eggs

* I received coupons and promotional items to try Safest Choice Eggs in my home.  I received no compensation for this post, and all opinions are my own.

Four readers will receive a coupon for a free dozen Safest Choice Eggs (you can see if they are available in your area on their website) – there may be an extra goody with your Free coupon as well if you win.

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