Cirque Italia Water Circus – Showing in Grapevine TX & Denton TX

We received complimentary  tickets to see Cirque Italia.  Date/Time Information in this post was current at the time of posting and provided by Cirque Italia.  Any opinions stated are our own.

One thing that has always been on my bucket list was to attend a “Cirque” type show.  The high flying acrobats, dare devil feats and entrancing visuals have always appealed to me.  The timing or location when we’ve been on vacation has never been right for us to go to one before, but this weekend all that changed when Cirque Italia landed their Big Top in our ‘backyard.’ <– well not quite, but awfully close!

Until April 1st, 2018, North Texas residents around the DFW metroplex will have the chance to see the amazing Cirque Italia Water Circus in Grapevine TX.  Conveniently located on the Grapevine Mills Parking Lot (on the East side of the mall complex, with plenty of free parking around it), you can’t miss the big top tent with the swirling blue design and waving flags.

Cirque Italia

When you walk into the tent your senses are awakened by fair/circus foods and novelty items for purchase.  Let me tell you if you do not eat before the show, you’ll probably be handing over some cash for funnel cakes and popcorn because the scent will get to you, LOL!  In all fairness to them since we all know that this is an expected part of a venue, I’d have to say that this is the least pressure of sales marketing I’ve ever encountered at an event like this.

Photographs and video recordings are prohibited during the show and I respected that request, so the photos/videos in this post about the actual performance were provided by Cirque Italia or used from their social media accounts.

Want to know what happens under the Big Top in Cirque Italia Water Circus, well watch this YouTube Video to get an idea of the entertainment that you might see:

Cirque Italia’s brand-new theme show is an artistic blend of human abilities, technology and the element of water.  Those human abilities… between the flexibility and the muscles, you’ll realize that it takes great talent, skill and strength for the performers to be a part of this show!

Photo from

Cirque Italia has managed to create a beautifully unique theatrical production by combining the gracefulness of the human body with the calming fluidity of water, along with bursts of power and excitement as well. 

Photo from

Beautiful aerialists dazzle and shimmer on a chandelier high above the ground, but they aren’t the only ones that will draw your eyes toward the sky. You can expect to see contortion in a bubble, and a Venetian aerial duo. Lasermen, jugglers, roller-skaters (oh so not your 80s rollerskating here folks!) , AND the always breathtaking wheel of death………the list goes on and on. It is even possible for a pre-historic dinosaur to make an appearance!! Let your imagination wander, because anything is possible in this new whimsical production. 

Photo from Cirque Italia Flickr Account

The show is about 2 hours with a short intermission included in that time.  You’ll want to arrive about 45 minutes before the show begins.  We received tickets in the Blue Section about midway up at center stage.  The view was terrific at that spot, but realize that much of the show takes place on an elevated level and the seats are on risers, so even those sitting further back aren’t going to miss out.

So what did we think about it?  As two adults with no children with us, we had a really fun time.  We were amazed at the performances.  Everything about the show is well planned.  For example while the stage crew is setting up the next act, Cirque Italia’s “clown” (think Mr. Bean type character with pink flamingo pants and floppy shoes) was busy entertaining the crowd so you weren’t bored or distracted with what they were doing on stage to get ready for the next act.  There really is something for everyone.  Be forewarned though, there are a few places in the show where strobe lights and lasers are used (they alert you before that segment starts so if you need to leave the area you can), and if you are easily scared by death defying stunts (they call it the wheel of death for a reason…!!) your heart might beat a little lot fast and you may be praying for the performer and his/her mother 😉 In our opinion this is totally worth the cost of the ticket price (the seats we had were valued at $30 each). 


Cirque Italia is committed to bringing a Las Vegas quality production to your hometown at an affordable price. They also feature many special offers and promotions.  Ticket prices range from $10 to $40.  At some locations parking may be an additional cost.  Enter the coupon code FREE to receive a free child’s ticket in levels 2 & 3 (ages 2-12) with the purchase of a regular full price adult admission.   

Cirque Italia

Cirque Italia continues to contribute to the modernization of the performing arts and the circus industry by abiding by a strict animal free policy. 

Here are the showtimes:
When: March 23-April 1 
Where: Grapevine Mills 
At: 3000 Grapevine Mills Pkwy, Grapevine, TX 76051 
Located: in the parking lot… under the grand, swirling White and Blue tent! 


• March 25- Sunday: 2:30pm, 5:30pm, & 8:30pm
• March 26- Monday: 7:30pm 
• March 29- Thursday: 7:30pm
• March 30- Friday: 7:30pm 
• March 31- Saturday: 2:30pm, 5:30pm, & 8:30pm 
• April 1- Sunday: 2:30pm, 5:30pm, & 8:30pm 

Box office hours:  The box office opens on-site on Tuesday, the week of the show. 

  • Non-show days: 10am – 6pm 
  • On show days: 10am – 9pm 

When: April 5-8
Where: 2217 N Carroll Blvd, Denton, TX 76201
At: North Texas Fairgrounds
Under the grand, swirling White and Blue tent!

• April 5- Thursday: 7:30pm
• April 6- Friday: 7:30pm
• April 7- Saturday: 1:30pm, 4:30pm, & 7:30pm
• April 8- Sunday: 1:30pm, 4:30pm, & 7:30pm

There are also shows in Wichita Falls, Abilene, San Angelo and Odessa later in April.  

You can purchase tickets through their website here or by phone: (941) 704-8572.  For more information visit and make sure to check all their social media accounts. 

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  1. Ah thanks so much for your review! We will be totally going now. Thanks a million for the coupon too, always love to save some money.

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