Chocolate Fondue Set Giveaway

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Okay I guess you’ve probably figured out by now that I live with a family of chocaholics. Something I’ve never owned before though is a chocolate fondue set. When I had the chance to review one from Plow & Hearth, I was already anticipating the various treats that we could dip in chocolaty goodness.

I have also been meaning to make those ‘cake pops’ that seem to be all the rage these days. I’ve been reading up on them all over the internet and found about a dozen different ways to make them. The lightbulb went off when I got my chocolate fondue set in the mail, that this would be a great way to melt the coating for those cake pops. You can see how I made some Patriotic Cake Pops using my Chocolate Fondue Set.

I started the search in my kitchen for the chocolate fondue, and came up with  marshmallows, graham crackers, and pretzels. I found that it was easiest to prepare the chocolate fondue first on the stovetop and then move it to the ceramic pot and set it on the burner with the tea light to further melt it and keep it warm.

Through trial and error I realized a few things. 1. There needs to be quite a bit of chocolate fondue in the pot or else the fondue will start to burn and clump up. 2. Having a proper recipe for an actual fondue chocolate will work much better than just melting a candy bar . Once I had those two factors ironed out though…incredible.

Besides what we had on hand, while we were eating we thought the next time we do this we’ll be sure to pick up some fresh fruit as well. Strawberries and bananas for sure!

The chocolate fondue set from Plow & Hearth comes with a base for the tea light, a ceramic pot and 4 tines to hold and dip your food for $17.95.

I love that it uses a tea light, because it’s a cheap item to replace and have on hand for whenever the chocolate fondue itch strikes. I do wish though that the chocolate fondue set came with some recipes, since that was one of the things that I had issues with when melting just plain chocolate, and had to do some searches online to see what I was doing wrong. I also wish the tines were color coded on the ends (instead of just one color, four different colors) – that way everyone would know for sure which one was theirs.

But besides that, I’m excited to use it more often and see how creative we can get with it. I especially love it to make cake pops with it and can see myself making those often in the future.

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