Children’s Books for Fall

There is something about the crisp air and the sounds of leaves crunching under your feet, that makes you look forward to snuggling with your kids inside with a good book when the weather gets too nasty to go outside.

Abrams Books for Young Readers has a few titles that fit into the autumn season and the stories and pictures will be enjoyed by your children.  (Check in tomorrow and I’ll share a few more!)

All the Seasons of the Year

This book captures the many ways children are cherished all year round.  For autumn the visual of raking the leaves into piles and jumping right in, is so cute!  Just as the seasons flow, children change and grow.  Parents, grandparents, and all the special people in a child’s life will love sharing this sweet celebration through all the seasons of the year, and in the years to come.  (Author: Deborah Lee Rose | Illustrator: Kay Chorao)

Library Mouse: A World to Explore

In the library one evening, Sam meets fellow mouse Sarah, a wild-eyed explorer who loves adventure! Sarah would rather scurry to the tops of the tallest library shelves and roam the darkest corners of the building than read about the places she wants tovisit.  Unlike Sarah, Sam never climbs up high – he’s too afraid!  He’d rather research subjects and write about them.

When Sam reveals to Sarah the joy and adventure one can have by reading books, she decides to help him in turn.  Can Sarah help Sam overcome his fear of heights? Together this duo shows that, with teamwork and determination, anything is possible.  (Author and Illustrator: Daniel Kirk)

The Exceptionally, Extraordinarily, Ordinary First Day of School

On the first day back to school, John is the new kid.  His new school isn’t anything like his old one.  In fact, his old school wasn’t a regular school at all – it was a castle guarded by cement lions!  He rode in a safari jeep pulled by wild creatures…not in an ordinary old, yellow bus.  Murals came to life.  And his past school’s lunch menu included creepy, crawly worms and bugs!

John’s wildly imaginative and hilarious stories win him the attention and awe of the librarian and his peers…but its everything he says true?

For any child who has experienced the first-day jitters of being the new kid in school, this story is anything but ordinary.  Albert Lorenz’s over-the-top art is full of details to pore over and is complemented by speech bubbles and side panels filled with fun facts and observations.

School will never be ordinary again!  (Author and Illustrator: Albert Lorenz)

Disclosure of Material Connection: “This post was written for Abrams Publishing who provided the above books as complimentary products for a thank you for my sharing this information.”

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