Chicken Little on 3D Blu-ray – Gift Guide Pick – Blu-ray Giveaway

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When the sky really is falling and sanity has flown the coop, who will rise to save the day?  Together with his hysterical band of misfit friends, Chicken Little must save the planet from an alien invasion and prove that the world’s biggest hero is a little chicken.

The Chicken Little 3D Combo Pack offers three ways to watch this family film – Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD and retails at $44.99.

This movie was Directed by Mark Dindal and stars the voice talents of Zach Braff, Garry Marshall, Joan Cusack, Steve Zahn, Amy Sedaris, Don Knotts, and Patrick Stewart.

Good animation and the classic story of “the sky is falling” take on a new twist in this Disney version of the tale.  It has fun characters (Fish out of Water and Mr. Woolensworth being my favorites) and jokes that will keep the little ones laughing all the way to bed.


Out of all the 3D movies we’ve had the chance to view lately, Chicken Little seems to have the most crosstalk on our Samsung TV.  Generally when I experience crosstalk (ghosting of the image because of the left and right eye viewing), my eyes tend to visually compensate and I get used to it and some time into the movie I don’t even notice it any more.  I did find however that it lasted through Chicken Little for some reason.  It doesn’t make it unviewable in 3D by any means, but it does lose a bit of the enjoyment factor.

Bonus Features
Filmaker Q&A “Hatching Chicken Little” The Making of the Movie
About Filmmakers Q&A “Shake a Tail Feather” Music video performed by The Cheetah Girls
Audio Commentary “One Little Slip” performed by Barenaked Ladies
Movie Showcase “One Little Slip” Karaoke
Alien Invasion Game “One Little Slip” sing along
Deleted Scenes


If you’re looking to add to your kids’ Disney DVD collection and don’t own Chicken Little yet, this might make a good gift for under the tree.

I actually had a personal copy of the Blu-ray Chicken Little DVD that I got as a mail in offer, that I had not yet opened when I received the Chicken Little on 3D Blu-ray to review.  SO…

One of my readers will win a Blu-ray DVD version of Chicken Little (not the one I reviewed, the one shown in the above picture).

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment in the Rafflecopter form below with what your children’s favorite Disney animated feature is.

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