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Living in a small city I do a lot of online shopping.  I’m always hunting for a code to make my deal a bit better and have generally just typed in a search engine the store name along with “coupon code”.  But I recently was told about a site where there are over 50,000 codes (and they’re current ones) for you to get dollars off, percentages off, free shipping or extra products; for online stores.

TrimBack is easy to navigate, and you’ll have no problems finding what you’re looking for.  The site is really well laid out.  These are some of the things I found I liked about TrimBack:

The codes they have on the site are current.  I was always finding by searching online I’d find codes for the retailers I wanted but many of them would be expired codes.
Today’s Top Coupon Codes – want to know where everyone else on the web is shopping – well you can take a look at these codes and get a great deal at the hottest stores.
• Just want a good deal? Then you can view the “Deals” tab and see some bargains that you don’t even need a code for.
• Want results fast?  Then use the search feature – it will bring back coupon codes and promo codes just by typing in what online store you’re wanting to shop at.

Stop by TrimBack before you shop and you might just be able to turn a good deal into a great deal.  If you want the latest news you can get the TrimBack newsletter, keep up on their Tweets or follow their Facebook page.

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