Cars 3D Ulitmate Collector’s Edition DVD

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Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!

CARS 3D Ultimate Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, Digital HD, DVD and Digital Copy (U.S. Only) is in stores now!

We already had Cars 2 on 3D Blu-ray so we were very excited to also receive the original Cars movie in the 3D format to add to our collection.  With two young nephews comign to visit soon, I know that these DVDs are going to get watched, A LOT, while they’re here at Auntie’s. 

The visual effects of watching Disney’s Cars in 3D on your own TV is second to none, actually in my opinion it’s even better than on the big screen. Your attention is piqued and the Blu-ray experience is immersive and Lightning McQueen in 3D is dazzling.  Everything from his headlights to his bumpers is impressive.

This high-octane animated adventure comedy shows that life is about the journey, not the finish line.  Plus it’s just fun to watch, and you don’t have to be a little kid to enjoy it.

Hotshot rookie racecar Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is living life in the fast lane until he hits a detour on his way to the most important race of his life.  Stranded in Radiator Springs, a forgotten town on the old Route 66, he meets Sally, Mater, Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) and a variety of quirky characters who help him discover that there’s more to life than trophies and fame.

Here are a few clips from the movie:

Treat your crew to turbocharged entertainment this holiday season with Cars 3D Ultimate Collector’s Edition.  It’s flat-out fun with a sensational soundtrack, thrilling bonus features and revved-up picture and sound!

Here’s what you’ll get for bonus features on the Ultimate Collector’s Edition Set: Epilogue, Inspiration for Cars, Five Deleted Scenes, Cars Short: “Mater and the Ghostlight,” Theatrical Short: “One Man Band,” Cine-Explore, Carfinder, Boundin’ Cars, “Doc” Short, and more!

Do you know someone who would be excited to receive this DVD under the tree or in a stocking this year?

10 thoughts on “Cars 3D Ulitmate Collector’s Edition DVD

  1. I have a nephew who is obsessed with all things cars (toy cars, the movies, etc.), and this would make a great Christmas gift for him!

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