6 Reasons Why Canadians Are Moving to Texas

moving to texas
Credit: Trac Vu via Pexels

A state as large as Texas has its own gravitational pull, drawing visitors and migrants from around the world. While it didn’t just become popular overnight, more people than ever are moving to Texas.

Let’s check out some of the reasons why people from Canada chose the Lone Star State.

1. Financial Opportunities

Texas has one of the most vibrant economies in North America, making it an attractive destination for those seeking jobs or financial opportunities. Major cities like Houston and Austin have seen massive growth in the past few years, with businesses and industries flocking to dense urban quarters and elsewhere.

Prominent companies like Dell are in Austin, while Dallas hosts fuel giants like ExxonMobil.

2. Real Estate Technology

The state of Texas is embracing real estate technology, and has become home for proptech companies like Nobul.

Digital disrupter , who created digital real estate marketplace Nobul, described the appeal of Texas as “Texas is the second most popular state in the United States for relocation, with more than 500,000 people moving to the Lone Star State every year.”

He explained that “with our strong ties to the state, thanks to multiple investors and shareholders of Nobul’s residing there, not to mention the burgeoning technology industry growing in the state, Texas is perfect for Nobul and there couldn’t be a better time for our technology to finally be available there.”

3. Weather

The Texas climate attracts people from across the world, many citing it as their top draw. Summers can be hot in certain cities, but Canadians love the mild winters after suffering through freezing temperatures back up north.

4. Lower Living Costs

Coastal US cities like New York or California are associated with considerably higher living costs. When you factor in the higher wages top employers offer and the lower living costs, Canadians can enjoy a high quality of living for lower prices.

5. Great Outdoors

Canadians are accustomed to some beautiful landscapes, and they won’t miss back home when they’re in Texas. From the mountains to the deserts, you’ll get a variety of climates and natural settings.

Outdoor enthusiasts can hunt, , enjoy beautiful trails on foot or bike, and do countless more activities. You won’t have to stay inside a few months a year, watching ice hockey to keep the boredom at bay.

6. Friendly Culture

Finally, Canadians love how Texans are friendly, courteous, and hospitable. They happily share knowledge with newcomers and embrace immigrants, even if you can tell who’s who by their dialect and unique accent.

When you first encounter a friendly Texan who gives you directions or dining tips in that classic Southern drawl of theirs, you’ll be charmed, and glad you moved. Like anywhere, some people are than others.

People have unique reasons for living where they do. Between the financial opportunities, the warm and wonderful people, and the fiscal incentives, it’s no surprise more Canadians are picking Texas as their new home. Consider what you’re looking for in a community, and maybe you’ll move to Texas soon, too.

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