Calorie Count On The Go

In December of last year, I posted about ways to make holiday recipes healthier.  I had attended a webinar put on by Calorie Count and they provided great tips to help with holiday eating.

Calorie Count, just launched a brand new phone app, and I thought I’d let you know about it.  This app is a free, downloadable diet tool that allows users to track and manage weight, search and log nutritional data, popular exercises and healthy recipes all while on-the-go…a time when critical dieting decisions are often made.  Essentially, the Calorie Count App serves as an all-in-one diet coach, nutritionist and workout trainer!

The Calorie Count App can be used to quickly/easily search the foods you encounter while on-the-go and help you make better diet decisions (i.e. a mocha latte vs. an iced coffee).

Calorie Count App Key Features:

  • An easy-to-use dashboard with graphics that allows users to navigate through the application while being able to quickly visualize their dieting progress.
  • One of the most comprehensive nutritional analyses of food consumption – against daily targets – among calorie counting iPhone Apps.
  • The ability to quickly search and easily log more than 100,000 food items.
  • Tools to view current and past food, activity and weight logs including a graph of your weight history.
  • More than 150 low-calorie recipes from (, selected by Calorie Count’s registered dietitian, Mary Hartley. This interface allows users to select recipes based on course, food group and dietary considerations.
  • Access to Calorie Count’s daily blog ( to help users stay motivated and informed.
  • The ability to record daily weight, and view charts and graphs to measure your body’s progress against weight-loss goals.
  • Automatic updates of information logged on Calorie Count member accounts through a computer or the iPhone App.
  • An offline mode that allows members to view recent logs, view and re-log favorites, and input their weight without an Internet connection.

The Calorie Count App is available through the Apple App Store.

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