Buying Contact Lenses Online Could Save You Money

Courtesy of MalkavWe are really fortunate to have a great vision plan through my husband’s job.  With all three of us needing corrective lenses, it’s a benefit worth paying for. 

Every year it allows us either a full set of frames and upgraded lenses or a certain dollars worth of contact lenses.

Since the value of the eyeglass package is worth more, we choose that option through the plan, and then I just get my contact lens prescription from the optometrist and purchase those on my own.

Last year when I went for my annual vision exam, the optometrist suggested for me to get the Acuvue Advance Contact Lenses, because I was experiencing dry eyes when wearing my contacts.  I noticed the difference right away when I started wearing them.  By the end of the day these tired, old eyes were still seeing clearly!

I have a pretty strong prescription for my vision needs.  If I purchase my contacts through my optometrist it can sometimes take a couple of weeks for them shipped to their office.  The office is located on the other side of town as well, so it makes more sense for me to just order my contacts online. is a place that stocks my particular brand at more than $9 off the retail price per box, along with rebates for them.  Free Shipping on orders over $75 and delivery to my mailbox makes ordering online an easy choice!

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