Buttoned Up Boot Camp Giveaway

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We’re nearing the halfway mark for 2013!

How are you doing on those resolutions?

As we say good-bye to the month of June, it is the perfect time to take a good look at how you’re doing on the resolution front.

It’s one thing to make grand proclamations about what you’ll accomplish when you’re wielding a glass of champagne and quite another entirely to actually do the hard work to achieve your goals.

So. Be. Honest.

How are you doing?

Could you use a kick-in-the-pants to make sure you either get back on track or make more progress?

If so, Buttoned Up’s Kickstart Boot Camp is just what you need!

This 30-day, intensive boot camp will help you regain control of your environment, take control of your calendar, and most importantly – hardwire your goals to your to-do lists so they actually get done.

The clock is ticking…it only takes a few minutes to register for the Buttoned Up Boot Camp.  Just follow these simple steps:

1. Learn more about the ins-and-outs of the program here www.ButtonedUpBootcamp.com

2. Select the desired level of participation. (e.g. DIY Level, Personalized Accountability etc.)

3. Use the promo code TDD15 to save at least 15%.

Just because the year’s half over doesn’t mean you should give up the ghost on your resolution to be organized.  Head on over to Buttoned Up Boot Camp now.

I’m going to be doing it myself once we’ve moved to our new home and I want one reader to join me!  One reader will win a DIY Level Buttoned Up Boot Camp which you will start along with me on July 23rd.


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