4 Ways to Boost Your Business’ Online Profile

Boosting your online profile as a business can be a great way to ensure you can achieve higher visibility online.

Not only will this enable new customers to find you and purchase your products and services, but it will also place you in great visibility alongside your competitors.

If you’re looking to grow your business, then here are just four ways you can help to increase your online presence to produce exceptional results.

business online profile
  1. Use Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is one of the best ways to ensure visibility in search engine results pages, meaning that you can attract a higher number of customers to your website through keyword searches in Google.

If you’re looking to enhance your search engine presence, you can use a digital marketing agency, who can help you expertly craft your website to rank highly in search engine results.

You can find a range of SEO services in Leeds like , who will use skills like copywriting, PPC and website building to enhance your online presence, and will be readily available with expert advice whenever you need it. 

  1. Build a Substantial Social Media Following

Social media marketing is a fantastic way to build your customer base fast with a captive audience of consumers. Social media content is easily shared, and launching giveaways can encourage likes, shares and follows, which provides free advertising for your business.

To do this, ensure that your social media pages are complete with a link to your website, and a display of professional photographs that feature products and services that you offer.

On platforms like Instagram, you can feature swipe up links to individual product pages, and on TikTok you can overlay links on to videos through buttons for ease of access. This will inevitably increase visitor numbers to your website, as well as levels of engagement.

  1. Build an Exemplary Website

Building an exemplary website can help you to create an information hub for your customers to find all the information they need for contact details and product details. If you include an ecommerce function on your website, you can even create greater numbers of online sales for your business through redirection from social media.

You can use platforms like to help you build a well-designed website in no time with the use of a wide range of templates.

Don’t forget to make your website easy to navigate, and filled with useful information. This will ensure that customers will make return visits, and are more likely to spend money, or investigate your products and recommend them to others.

  1. Make Regular Contact with Customers

Keeping regular contact with customers is a form of advertising by keeping your brand name in the forefront of their minds. You can achieve this through writing newsletters, or using email marketing to create awareness of current deals, sales or special offers.

You can use tools like to create mailing lists and newsletters for your customers to be sent regularly.

Do you have any tips for boosting your business’ online profile? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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