Bumkins Zipper Reusable Snack Bags

While social distancing is a real thing right now, it doesn’t mean that your family isn’t finding ways to go for adventures this summer.  All that adventuring can make kids (and grown ups) hungry though.  Since so many of us are trying to limit our exposure to others that may mean bringing our own food along when we typically would opt for a pit stop at a restaurant or café.  Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags are perfect for on the go snacking! 

reusable snack bagsBumkins Small 2 Pack Snack Bags, $8.95, bumkins.com

They are reusable, and third party lab tested so they’re proven to be food safe.  Made with a 100% polyester single ply construction means that there aren’t any extra layers for moisture or bacteria to get stuck in during washing.  With their trendy designs and licensed collections, everybody loves the bags – there’s no age limit!

The Small Snack Bags are 3.5″ x 7″ in size.   Perfect for toting around a mid afternoon snack.  

While you may think that is small in size – that’s about ½  of an 8 oz. bag of fish pretzels in there… and yes the zipper still closes with no strain on the stitching.  Small but mighty!

Bumkins Snack Bags aren’t just for carrying snacks though, they can also serve other functions, like organization.  Organization reduces the risk for meltdowns (trust me!).  Slip lotion, floss, sunscreen, bandages and sanitizer in one of these snack bags.  Then it’s easy to transfer between and find those things in larger handbags or totes.

And yes it does fit all of the above…

I probably could have fit a lip balm in there too!

I also think these reusable snack bags are great for current essential items.  You can keep a mask, wipes and hand sanitizer together easily and nearby for when you need them.  Or use them to store masks after wearing to bring home to launder.  Bonus, these snack bags are machine washable and top rack dishwasher safe, so you can sanitize them after use.

It’s always important to me to point out when a company uses their platform to do good.  Giving back has been a core belief at Bumkins which has lead them to create B.Kind.  Through B.Kind their mission is to improve the health, safety, & well-being of children throughout the world. To support this mission, B.Kind has donated thousands of products over the last 30 years to organizations across Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Haiti, Uganda, Malawi, China, and Fiji.  You can read more about B.Kind here: https://www.bumkins.com/pages/b-kind.

To find the Bumkins Small Reusable Snack Bags visit Bumkins.com.  They also have other sizes and types of bags, as well as items to feed and diaper little ones.

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  1. I’ve been looking for some good reusable snack bags for my kids, and these look really nice! Thanks for sharing about them, I checked out their website and found some really great stuff.

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