Bugs Your Kids Can Eat!

I’ve always been pretty grossed out by bugs.  Even though I don’t even like ladybugs, there is something about them that makes me gently toss them outside when I find them, rather than squish them like I do the other bugs I find!

You can make edible ladybugs with just a few ingredients, for tea parties, garden parties, baby showers or just to let your kids eat bugs!

All it takes is grapes, strawberries, some mini chocolate chips and toothpicks to go from this…fruit and cchipsTo this…edible ladybugsTo find more fun recipes and ideas to make for parties check out Barbabra Beery’s Pink Princess Cookbook.

Disclosure:  I received a complementary copy of the Pink Princess Cookbook to review for An Island Life where I do guest blogging posts.

3 thoughts on “Bugs Your Kids Can Eat!

  1. This is so cute! Everytime I come here, I love the ideas!

    Unfortunately, I also saw that chocolate fondue post. I think I'm going to buy that. Chocolate…melted…hot…with marshmallows and graham crackers…omg, I'm so hungry now.

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