Brush Hero – Shark Tank Featured Product

I received a complimentary Brush Hero to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Brush Hero is a revolutionary detailing tool that was featured on Shark Tank on January 21. 

Brush Hero

Here was their pitch:

PITCH: Brush Hero

As car geeks who are also cyclists, we were looking for a cool wheel brush that cleans both cars and bikes gently, without displacing grease. In Brush Hero, we created so much more. Using only water pressure from a garden hose, sink or shower, it works on bikes, cars, grills, patios, garden tools, planters, pots…even pets! Join us to fight the war on muck!

Brush Hero harnesses the power of an ordinary garden hose to clean cars, motorcycles and bikes to perfection. It uses water pressure alone to power its turbine and bust the grime in only seconds. It’s an awesome tool, and it also comes with an array of custom cleaning accessories to tackle every job you can imagine. Men love using Brush Hero to get their BBQs, golf clubs, and even their lawn mowers looking as good as new again. No matter the cleaning project, this tool is the ultimate weapon for men ready to win the war on muck.

It’s been a bit cold in North Texas the last month, but we finally emerged from our winter den the other day to use the Brush Hero we received for review.  

We just replaced our back deck and had a few things that needed some cleaning.  Our white benches, our painted wood siding and the railing on the deck.  We figured we’d put Brush Hero to the test and see how it did on those jobs. 

The Brush Hero starter kit comes with two brushes, a black one and a white one.  The black one is for sensitive surfaces and the white one is for the tough jobs.  We just went right for the white brush!

My husband was pleasantly surprised when using it for the first time on our benches.

He found it especially great in the tight spots, like in between the arm rest and the bench seat.   Yeah it cleaned the bench up well, but I was less impressed than he was, I mean it’s just plastic and the hose probably would have got that clean too… so I was on to try something a little more… dirty.  Like this:

Our old deck went right up to the side of the house, where the new one does not quite reach it.  And you can see the grime left behind that we couldn’t see before.  It’s in desperate need of some paint, but first we have to clean it.  Now I will say that we JUST used the brush and the hose, no soap or cleaning solutions, as it was a chilly day and we weren’t really prepared to be spending a lot of time outside other than to try the Brush Hero out.  

I have to admit that Brush Hero did a fairly good job all on its own.  Once we hit that section of wall with some cleaner and Brush Hero again, we may not even need to paint!

One last job for Brush Hero.  The deck installers left their mark on my new railing :/   

I was really hoping that Brush Hero would get this off with little effort.  

I feel like it just did “okay” on this job.  Again I didn’t use any soap or cleaner with it, however I was able to remove some of the bottom marking that is still visible with just my thumb and spit.  I came back with a rag and dish soap and while I was able to remove it from far visibility the slight imprint staining of it is still there, so I just am thinking that it was a tough stain to remove in general.

All in all my husband is very pleased with it (and I guess that’s what counts as I don’t do these types of jobs around the home, he does 😉 ).  I’m pretty sure he’ll be taking it to the car wheels when Spring finally decides to show up in these here parts.

Currently the Starter Kit is priced at $34.99 and you can purchase it on their website, or on (if you purchase on Amazon, I do get a small referral commission).  This would make a fantastic gift for the men in your life for Valentine’s Day (it has Prime Shipping on Amazon), Easter and it’s even not too early to be thinking about Father’s Day!

Follow Brush Hero on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram and YouTube to see clean-up photos and videos! This is also a great way to hear the latest Hero news, tips and ideas. Their friends and followers also get the lowdown on exclusive contests and sales. 

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