Brita Introduces All-New Stainless Steel Pitcher!

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This November Brita introduces an all-new Stainless Steel Pitcher made of brushed stainless steel – a self-filtering water pitcher that is sleek, stylish and perfect for a holiday or dinner party table. Combining high-end design with the advanced filtering technology people know and trust from Brita, the Stainless Steel Pitcher features a sleek innovative look that fits perfectly in today’s modern kitchen.

Now staying hydrated is both stylish and affordable with a pitcher that fits any lifestyle or need:

• For Entertaining: A chic and modern entertaining accessory for keeping guests hydrated.

• At Home: Made with a slender shape, the Stainless Steel Pitcher is a space saving solution that fits perfectly in the refrigerator or on the dinner table.

• Better Water: Featuring filtration technology that removes unwanted contaminates from tap water and reduces chlorine (taste and odor), the new pitcher conveniently provides great-tasting water.

We had this pitcher out on our table for a dinner party the other night, and our guests commented wanting to know what kind of water filtration pitcher it was. When we mentioned it was a Brita, they were interested right away as they have been looking for a new one, and were impressed on how sleek it was, not at all like a ‘plastic’ pitcher!

I love it in my home because my stove, fridge, toaster oven, coffeemaker are all stainless-steel so it fits right in being left out. Plus the water gets filtered really quickly through this pitcher, and holds a lot of water too.

I’m not that great at remembering when I put a filter into the pitcher, so I appreciate the electronic filter change indicator, simply press down on the reset button for a few seconds and it will light up indicating whether you need to change your filter now, soon or if it’s still good for a while.

To sum it up – The Brita Stainless-Steel Pitcher is an impressive water pitcher to have on your holiday table, it’s nice looking and practical and won’t detract from your table settings or food!

I received a media sample of this pitcher for review. All opinions are my own. If you click a link in this post, end up on and buy something chances are I’ve made some money, so thank you.

Published by Tammy Litke.

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