Beautiful Things: Wood Clip Frame

Last month I shared with you all how the Women’s Ministry in our church was doing a Pinterest Party each month where they’d choose a craft and we could all come and make it with our own twist.  While it was supposed to just be a program that they were going to do over the summer, there was so much interest and so many women signing up that they decided to continue doing it year round and they are calling it “Beautiful Things.”  In July we did some Pallet Art.  August’s project was a Wood Clip Frame.  Last month I went in not knowing at all what I was planning to do.  This month I thought it out before the evening and brought along some of my own supplies so that I could make it just how I wanted it.  I had decided to make a frame for the picture that we received for the little girl we are sponsoring through Compassion International.

I also wanted to tell you something important when you’re making wood projects for your home. I had put the Pallet Art project in our guest room, and needed to go in there for something a few weeks later, and I noticed a hole in the wood on the front of it that I didn’t remember seeing before, ends up there were bugs in the wood happily munching away…Now first off, I was absolutely hysterical, going over the deep end about it.  Then I calmed down a bit and put the project in a trash bag and dropped it in a dumpster.  I can laugh about it now because the bugs never made their way to anything else in our house, but ai yi yi!  Be sure you spray any and all wood before you bring it into your home for a craft project (the ladies at the church running the parties assured me that they had sprayed the wood, but I guess the buggers taking up residence in my project were especially hardy!)

Wood Clip Frame

So this is an easy and affordable way to make a fun frame! You are only limited to your imagination and can make dozens of them in different colors and accessorize them the way you like!  Also, they aren’t just for pictures, you can put quotes on them, recipes, to do lists etc.

What You Need:

  • Block of Wood about 1″ thick
  • Embellishments (scrapbook paper, washi tape, charms, string, etc.)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Small Metal Clip
  • Hot glue


Step 1: Paint your block of wood!

Step 2: Take your scrapbook paper and cut it to the size you want. Hot glue it to the wood.  I took some glitter tape and put it on some of the stripes because I wanted it to have the black accents on it.  I also took some metallic paint and lightly brushed it on the wood and black tape strips.

Step 3: Attach an “L” bracket to the back of the wood.

Step 4: Glue a little strip of hot glue on the back of the clip and attach it to the front of the frame where you would like it.

Step 5: Add any extra embellishements.  I brushed some copper paint on my clip and the charm I purchased for the frame that says “For this child I have Prayed.”  And I painted a piece of white string with the bronze paint as well.  Then I strung the charm on the string and hot glued that to the frame at the bottom.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you our next “Beautiful Things” project!

20 thoughts on “Beautiful Things: Wood Clip Frame

  1. That is such an adorable idea, and you could do it in any color scheme you wanted. What a fun way to display photos.

  2. What a clever idea. I need to start going through Pinterest and find some crafty things to make. Thanks for the Pinspiration!

  3. Firstly, I love that your church does this monthly craft activity. Secondly, that turned out so cute, and the message on it is heartwarming.

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