Be Sure to Prepare Your Teenage Daughter to “Arrive In Style”

This post was written as part of my association with Toyota for Arrive in Style. I received a beauty box and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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As parents it’s our duty to protect our kids and that includes giving them sound advice and being good examples for them when it comes to driving.

You don’t want to be getting a call from the police with the worst case scenario.  Ever. 

Whether they’re fresh out of the DMV with their learner’s permit or they’re first time drivers at seventeen or eighteen, chances are your teens (especially girls) are distracted by peers and cell phones in the vehicles they’re driving.

I wanted to revisit a post I put up in May for Toyota and Teen Vogue about their Arrive in Style campaign.  You’ll want to go back and read it, and take note of the statistics, because you don’t want your daughter to be one of them.

The “Arrive in Style” online hub, features Toyota’s Mutual Driving Agreement that mothers and daughters can e-sign and share via Facebook for a chance to win monthly prizes.   We signed it (that’s right, I signed it too, because parents who engage in distracting driving behaviors more frequently have teens who engage in distracting behaviors).

The overall larger Teen Vogue contest is open until September, so if your submit an “air driving” photo along with your pledge, your still have the opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip to NYC to be featured in the February 2014 issue of Teen Vogue!

If you have a teenage daughter I encourage you to go through it together and sign it too.  It’s an important initiative and it would be great to have more pledges!

11 thoughts on “Be Sure to Prepare Your Teenage Daughter to “Arrive In Style”

  1. A girl in my neighborhood totaled my neighbor's car – IN HIS DRIVEWAY – not too long after getting her driver's license. TOTALED IT.

  2. This is when I feel blessed to have two kids who are absolutely adamant about not texting while driving. They won't even reach to answer their phones if it rings. They wait until they get where they're going and then call back. Whew!

  3. My oldest is only 8 so I have SOME time before she'll be driving. I don't even want to think about it honestly because I know it'll be here in no time and I'll still be freaking out when that day comes.

  4. My fifteen year old niece is terrified to even get her learners permit, so we are not rushing her at all. Glad to learn of this program for when she is ready.

  5. I like the idea of Toyota's Mutual Driving Agreement! It is terrific to have lots of safe driving discussions with your children also each day.

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