Back to School Tips with the Live Secure Safety Squad

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If the general public isn’t aware that Back to School is going to be happening for some of us at the end of August, they’ll just have to walk into any retail store in about two weeks and it will be pretty apparent.

Back to School prep can be time consuming and stressful, we want to be sure that when our kids walk out the door that first day they have everything they need.

This month as part of the Live Secure Safety Squad, I was asked to share some Back to School tips with my online community.  As most of you know, we homeschool and up until this year we’ve schooled year round, so it’s been a while since I’ve had a traditional “Back to School” mindset.  But with our move this summer, we’re taking July and most of August off and so I need these tips as much as anyone!

I asked some friends and family what their Back to School tips are, and compiled this list with those and some of my own.

    1. Plan and practice your routine early – Don’t wait until the night before school starts to set bedtimes and wake ups.  Practice a week or so ahead of time so that way your children are set into the routine once school begins.
    2. Prepare lunches on Sunday evening – Chop up veggies Sunday night and organize in snack sized containers or baggies, then they are ready to just pull out each night when making lunches the next day; you can do the same with some fruits and sandwiches too!
    3. Set out supplies the night before – Have your kids put out the clothes they want to wear the next day, before they go to bed, and put filled backpacks by the door.  This eliminates ‘searching’ for items in the morning and hopefully everyone will be less likely to get a tardy
    4. Store digital copies online of school documents  – Before the school year starts scan in copies of immunization records, insurance cards or any other important documents you might need to access at a moment’s notice at You get 1GB of secure storage for free and with the smart phone apps you can access your digital items quickly and easily anytime, anywhere.

  1. Keep lockers and backpacks secure with a quality lock – Tweens and teens can secure their books and supplies with a Master Lock combination lock.  Available in assorted varieties from locks with word combinations to high tech electronic locks, they’re all ‘tough under fire’ and help prevent stolen items.

For more tips on how to Live Secure visit the Master Lock Safety Squad landing page and read what my fellow squad members are doing to keep their families safe and secure.

Do you have your own Back to School tips?  If so share them with us below, we’d love to read them and incorporate them in our Back to School planning.

22 thoughts on “Back to School Tips with the Live Secure Safety Squad

  1. Those are great tips! This is our first back-to-school {so I guess really just "to-school" since he's not going back} so they are appreciated!

  2. It's funny how summer has just started and I'm already reading about back-to-school. Luckily, my kid is still in preschool, so preparing for back-to-school means maybe getting her a couple of new outfits and I don't have to worry about supplies.

  3. I had a lock like that. Makes it so much easier to just remember a word + a number or two rather than a combination and hoping that you don't spin it too much or too little.

  4. I think it's a great idea to make lunches the night before. So many times I am scrambling to make lunches before we head out for school. We start school the 3rd week in August and it's slowly creeping up!

  5. Fortunately as kids get older, the school supply requirements reduce. My son will be in all honors classes (dual credits with a local college) so the most used item will be spiral notebooks. While at Walmart yesterday, I saw that they had them on sale for $0.17 (usually $0.97), so I scored 50 of them.

  6. What good ideas and tips. I've got 3 grandchildren that will start next month.

  7. I don't even want to begin to think about Back to School time but I guess it's going to come quicker than I imagine.
    great tips

  8. We just got summer here in SD. I can't think of school starting yet especially when my daughter is going off to college.

  9. Love those word locks. Had one for my gym locker. School starts back the first week in August around here, but our little town said enough is enough and pushed it forward a couple of weeks so the kids don't have to go back as early.

  10. Well, my son is auditioning for Tom Sawyer at our local children's theater… if he gets a part tech week starts the first week of school so he won't even get home each night until 9:30 pm at the earliest, so starting back to school on a schedule won't be possible. :/

  11. Great tips. I try to get all my purchasing done at the end of July so I am not with the back to school rush. definitely start getting into the bedtime routines mid july.

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