Awakening Book Review

In this 2nd book of the Dragonath Chronicles, Darrak’s magical adventure that began in The Lost Heir takes a gripping twist.

With the aid of Andillrian, Ipzaag, Selantia, and Anarra, Darrak continues his fight to save Earth and Dragonath from the destruction of Halla Magic. But after the appearance of a dragon who could change the tide of war in their favor, Darrak learns that not everyone’s oath to protect him was genuine. Deserted by two of his companions and facing a cunning and powerful army, Darrak realizes the enemy forces no longer answer to their former master.

A darker power has emerged from the shadows.

Payton Niemel has returned, and his intense hatred for Darrak’s ancestors remains. He will stop at nothing to finish what he began centuries before; to destroy the Keera bloodline and claim dominance over all of Dragonath. And this time, he has the power to see it done.

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While I really wished I would have read the first book in this series before picking up Awakening, I could already tell even mid-story that this book has a different feel than a lot of the more traditional fantasy stories.  It definitely is an original story. 

The story intrigued me enough that I am going to go back and read book 1.  I did feel enough of a disconnect with the characters that I feel that it would be helpful to get a better idea of their back stories especially Darrak’s. 

That being said when I finished Awakening, I not only wanted to read the first book to get the history, I am now wanting to read the continuation of the Dragonath Chronicles in book 3.

Fair warning before you open this book, it does include adult content.

You can find Awakening for purchase starting on February 5th (or preorder now) on  You can also take a peek inside the book there as well.  You can also find the first book in the series, The Lost Heir, on Amazon as well.

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