Why AVG is the Solution to Your Security Needs

Your confidential information is under attack from would be hackers who want to steal your identity and money. Learning ways to protect yourself in this cyberworld is important to make sure you do not become a victim of identity theft, malware, spyware, or even the newest threat of ransomware. When it comes to protecting your information and devices, AVG will protect your information with a variety of security precautions and antivirus software applications. Take a look below at some of the safety features you receive when you work with AVG.

App Lock

One of the popular items on your phone is your photo files. You may snap photos of your children, family, friends, adventures and more. Did you know that someone can open up those files and take the information or see your private information without you being aware? One way you can prevent that from happening is with the app lock feature through AVG’s free Android security app. This pro feature allows you to lock your photos and certain apps with a PIN code that is required to open them. It’s also wise not to tell anyone your personal PIN numbers or passwords.

Track Your Phone

Have you misplaced your phone and you’re worried it’s somewhere other than your home or car? This top mobile antivirus app allows you to track your device from another device or computer and even lock it remotely so no one can use it until you’ve retrieved it. It also allows you to remotely wipe the content on your phone if you feel that you cannot retrieve the device at all.

Using this software on your mobile device will allow you to protect your information and address any of the security needs you may have.

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